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X-Rated Fun Gum - 90 Piece Bowl - Assorted

Fun & X-Rated takes on a whole new meaning when you slip one of these sexy tasty treats into someone's unsuspecting hands! You really will get some laughs... and who knows, maybe some action, too! What's your favorite position?

The X-Rated Fun Gum Display includes 90 pieces of gum with erotic text. Sayings include:
Fuck Off
You Suck
Blow Me
Hard Nipples
Let's Fuck
Eat Me
Got Dick?
Got Pussy?
No Panties
Nice Tits
Nice Ass
Wet Lips
Doggy Style
Spank Me
Big Dick
Do Me

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Sperm Shape Gummies Pina Colada Flavored 4.2oz

Sperm shaped gummies soft and chewy!
25 pieces per box

Sperm Shaped Pina Colada Flavored Candy
Great Taste
Fun Party Favor

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Blow Job Pecker Bubble Gum

BLOW JOB Pecker Shape Gum allows you to enjoy Pecker in a whole new way! This great tasting gum comes in assorted fruity flavors and will allow you and your friends to "Blow" the perfect shape bubble any time...anywhere!

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