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Glitterati Boobie Candle Set

Glitterati Boobie Candle Set contains 3 pairs of gold and silver boobies. These fun and flirty candles are a an elegant addition to your next boobie themed party.

• 3 sparkling candle
• Boobie party

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Happy Fucking Birthday Candle Set

Celebrate with this 3 Pc Happy Fucking Birthday Candle Set. It's sure to set off someone laughing.

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Happy Fucking Birthday Candle

Happy Fucking Birthday Candle is the right sentiment for any festivity, this candle will for sure get a few laughs and be a great way to celebrate your next fucking milestone.

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Rainbow Pecker Party Candle 7 Inches

“Light Up Your Night” or any Fun Party event with this fun Rainbow Color Pecker Candle! Fun Pecker shape candle will be sure to add a little “Color” to any party event! 7" (17.78 cm) Long

• Length: 7" (17.78 cm)
• Width: 3" (7.62 cm)

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Bachelorette Pecker Party Pink Candles 5pk

Light up your night or any wild bachelorette party with these fun pink pecker party candles! Have more fun than you can handle with these pink pecker candles! 5 pack.

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Rainbow Pecker Party Candles - 5 Pack

“Light Up Your Night” or any Fun Party event with these fun Rainbow Color Pecker Party Candles! These fun Pecker shape candles will be sure to add a little “Color” to any party event, and will help you and your party guests experience more fun than you can handle with these Rainbow Pecker Candles! 2.5" Long & Jasmine scented.

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Super Fun Big Penis Candle - Pink

What’s better than cake? Cake with a big penis candle! Realistically shaped this big penis candle is sure to get laughs. The Big Penis Candle stands 4” tall and makes a huge statement! So make a wish and blow with this fun novelty candle.

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Party Candle

Our new penis candle will sit pretty on any dessert.

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X-Rated Birthday Candle

Our New X-Rated Birthday Candle will enliven any adult birthday party Fun to say, guaranteed to offend someone.

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Glitterati Penis Party Candles

These beautiful two inch glitter penis candles just beg to be blown and will make any cake look elegant. This five candle pack candle set features silver and gold candles and will be a great conversation piece for your next celebration. Make a wish and blow the Glitterati Party candles today!

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