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8 Tail Braided Flogger

Make an impact in your next play session! Your partner who loves a little pain with their pleasure will love the sting of this flogger each time it lands on their tender flesh. Take a firm grip on the thick, woven handle and swing the eight long tails with carefully measured strength. How much can your plaything handle? When the ends meet their target, you will be rewarded with squeals of anguished delight. A loophole allows you to secure the flogger around your wrist during use and store it conveniently on a hook when you are done with it.

Measurements: 34 inches in total length, handle measures 6.5 inches, tails measure 22 inches.

Material: PU leather.

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Sex and Mischief Beaded Flogger

This rubber beaded flogger will leave a lasting impression in the bedroom for an erotic extra-sensory experience.

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Sex and Mischief Medium Whip - Black

Up the ante of your S&M fantasies with this mid-sized silicone whip. Surprise them with tantalizing tickles, then slap them into submission as they gasp in delight. As your scene builds, transition from a frisky caress against their most sensitive parts, towards a stinging flog that brings a flush to their flesh. Silicone strands ensure durability and flexibility. Let the fun begin!

Material: 100% silicone threads, wood beads, nylon cord


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Sex and Mischief Rubber Whip Small 10 Inch - Red

This small black whip features touchable rubber strands that can be used for tickling or a good old no-nonsense whipping. Durable and flexible.

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Sex and Mischief Rubber Whip Small 10 Inch - Black

This small black whip features touchable rubber strands that can be used for tickling or a good old no-nonsense whipping. Durable and flexible.

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Heart Beat Crop Sex and Mischief

Features & Benefits: Create unique sensations with our new Heart Beat Crop. One side is smooth for spanking, stroking, and caressing. The other side features a plush red lace fabric tied up like a corset harness and is adorned with a blinged bow. The bling adds to the sting! Use this beautiful new addition to your collection to invent your own Sex & Mischief fantasy. Includes: 1 Heart Beat Crop Ingredients: PU Fabric, ABS Plastic, Polyester, Nickel Free Metal Hardware, Vinyl, Cubic Zirconia

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Sex and Mischief Whip and Tickler - Black

A thin flexible 16 in rod unites the sublime pleasure of whisper-soft marabou fe athers with the playful sting of rubber tails producing a wickedly romantic way to explore the sensation of intimacy. It's the perfect combination of soft and sexy with black and white detailing. A perfect accessory to your favorite lingerie ensemble.

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Sincerely Bling Flogger

Cubic zirconia encrusted bling handle with hand loop. Has 40 agile, vegan falls, that can produce a tickling sensation, or a stinging snap.

• Handle Length: 4”
• Falls length: 8.25”
• Total length (without loop): 12.25”
• Ingredients: 40% vinyl, 26% ABS plastic, 10% nickel free metal, 8% zinc alloy, 8% cubic zirconia, 6% copper, 2% polyester

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Saffron Braided Flogger

Each of this cat-o'-nine-tails faux leather flogger’s thick braided falls end in a tip reminiscent of riding crops, landing nine perfectly stinging snaps anywhere on your willing partner’s flesh. Heavier falls mean a fiercer bite than standard soft floggers, making the Saffron Braided Flogger the perfect pleasure tool to take punishment play to the next level.

A faux leather wrist loop at the base of the comfort-grip handle makes this flogger easy to store on a wall or pegboard when you’re finished playing (or just warming up). Mix and match with other Saffron collection products for even more forbidden fun!

• Nine Braided and Tipped Strands for Unique Sensations
• Comfort-Grip Bubbled Handle
• Loop for Added Control and Easy Hanging Storage
• Vegan/Vegetarian-Friendly Faux Leather
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Materials: 65% Polyurethane, 30% ABS plastic, 5% Nylon

Includes: One Flogger 24" (60.96cm) total length; 7" (17.78cm) handle, 17" (43.18) braided falls

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Saffron Flogger

Deliver forty stinging kisses to your lover’s backside, or anywhere else you desire, with every flick of the Saffron Classic Flogger.

Luxuriously long faux leather falls in the Saffron collection’s signature colors flow from a strong, metal handle that requires only a capable lover’s firm hand. Each soft, flexible strand of the Saffron Classic Flogger can whisper across their body or cross it with a biting snap.

A faux leather loop at the base of the nickel-free metal handle makes this flogger easy to store on a wall or pegboard when you’re finished playing (or just warming up). Mix and match with other Saffron collection products for even more forbidden fun!

• Forty Black and Saffron Falls
• Durable Metal Handle
• Loop for Easy Hanging Storage
• Vegan/Vegetarian-Friendly Faux Leather
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Materials: 65% Polyurethane, 30% nickel free metal, 5% nylon

Includes: One Flogger 23" (58.42cm) total length; 6" (15.24cm) handle, 17" (43.18cm) falls

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Learn the Ropes - Black

This naughty set will allow your fantasies of taking control of, or surrendering to your partner a reality. This Learn The Ropes bondage kit provides a thrilling initiation into the world of BDSM and sensory play. Wherever you may be in your exploration, you will derive the most pleasure with what's inside.

Ready to be tied up with nowhere to go? Enjoy your intro to BDSM and sensory play with the Learn The Ropes sensory bondage kit. Make your fantasy a reality with all the tools you'll need at your disposal. The faux leather reversible blindfold to heighten their senses, silky smooth rope to restrain them, a finger flogger to put them in their place, and matte black safety scissor to cut the rope. Turn up the pleasure, or the pain, and unlock new sensations you've only dreamed of - all you need is a partner.

• Blindfold
• Finger Flogger
• Rope
• Scissors
• Material: 100% - 45% polyester, 40% polyurethane, 15% elastic, 95% phthalate free polyurethane, 95% - 5% nickel free metal, 5% polypropylene

MEASUREMENTS: • Blindfold total length 23" (58.4 cm), mask width 3" (7.6 cm), mask length 9.5" (17.8 cm)
• Fingerflogger total length 20" (50.8 cm), falls length 12.5" (7.6 cm)
• Rope length 6" (1.8 m)
• Scissors total length 7" (53.3 cm)

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Sex and Mischief Feather Slapper

This fancy spanker features luxurious red feathers on one and a sturdy black hand spanker on the other.

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Sex and Mischief Shadow Rope Flogger

The shadow Rope Flogger is frayed at the tips of the falls for a different look and feel. It can be used to tease or to tickle.

18" Flogger, 3.5" handle, 14" frayed falls

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Sex and Mischief Mini Flogger

This vinyl Mini Flogger will leave a lasting impression in the bedroom for an erotic extra-sensory experience.

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Sex and Mischief Stripe Flogger - Red and Black

Be naugthy and enjoy the spanking with this 32 inch Red and black stripe flogger. This flogger is made of vinyl fabric nickel free metal harware and wood.

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Sex and Mischief Jeweled Flogger

Be naugthy and enjoy the spanking with this 30 inch Jeweled flogger. This flogger is made of vinyl fabric nickel free metal hardware and wood and plastic.

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Sex and Mischief Mahogany Flogger

Be naugthy and enjoy the spanking with this 30 inch Mahogany flogger. Whip or craess your partner with the faux leather, the wood accent handle beautifully designed with practical use in mind.

Materials: Vinyl fabric, nickel free metal, lacquer painted wood

76.2 cm

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Sex and Mischief Rope Flogger - Red

Want a toy with a softer touch? Try this sensual red rope flogger. Tickle or tease, but definitely get your partner's attention.

Materials: Vinyl fabric, polyester blend rope, nickel free metal

60.96 cm

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Sex and Mischief Crystal Whip - Black

Whip or caress your partner with this crystal whip. Beautifully designed with practical use in mind.

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Sex and Mischief Faux Leather Flogger

Enjoy to be spank with this 24 inch Sex and Mischief Faux Leather Flogger. Made of Vinyl fabric and wood.

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Sex and Mischief Enchanted Feather Tickler - Burgundy

Tickle, tease and tempt their flesh towards desperate arousal. Caress every curve into complacency...then spank it into submission with this devious dual-action Enchanted Feather Tickler. Your lover will be begging for your touch as the delicate feathers and stinging silicone threads take them to the edge. The perfect balance of soft and striking, this implement of delight plays well with your favorite lingerie or a set of cuffs - and even comes complete with a guide of playful activities to tickle your partners fancy with.

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Sex and Mischief Shadow Heart Paddle

Heighten impact play and leave a mark of your heart with the Shadow Heart Paddle. You won’t have to worry about losing your grip with the sturdy handle and wrist strap making this paddle is easy to wear and ready to use when your partner needs to be dominated. Leave soft love swats all over your sub’s body, warming them up for you to show them the full force of what this heart-shaped paddle can do. Sharpen their senses by depriving your partner sight by sliding a blindfold over their eyes while you stroke the paddle across their body to intensify sensation play.

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Sex and Mischief Shadow Ball Crop

Take your submissive slave to their limits and show them who’s in charge with this solid Shadow Ball Crop. It’s sleek handle and wrist strap makes this crop easy to wear and even easier to use when your partner needs to be shown their place. Tease their sensations as you stroke the crop from their head to toes. Intensify bedroom play with gentle taps or increase sensation with firmer swats of the solid circular tip.

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Sex and Mischief Enchanted Flogger

The small yet sexy Enchanted Flogger can be used delicately by beginners, or can also provide delightful lashes by the expert. This flogger can be used to tickle, tease and flog. It is very versatile!

13" Flogger (9" falls)

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Amor Crop - Red

Choose between liberating lashes and snappy sensations with the versatile Amor Crop. Perfect for a daring date night or a fun foray into BDSM, this toy is discretely sized to take anywhere.

• Ideal for discrete storage or travel
• Versatile use with mini flogger included
• Supple faux leather adds durability and luxury
• Material: 70% polyrethane, 30% PVC
• Phthalate free
• All experience level
• Faux leather
• Hand wash

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Sex and Mischief Enchanted Crop

Sturdy, durable and light, the Enchanted Crop is sure to be your new go-to impact toy. Put your partner in the perfect position and the carbon fiber crop will glide through the air quickly and leave an impression. Deep burgandy color with black tip and handle makes this crop not only functional but beautiful. Take things to the next level by pairing with your Enchanted Hood, your sub won’t know what to expect next.

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Scandal Bull Whip

41"/104.25cm (overall length) Hand stitched bull whip. Sturdy. designer fabric handle, soft teasing tassles, convenient strap. Polyester (fabric)

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Scandal Wide Tip Crop

CalExotics Scandal Wide Tip Crop is the ideal bondage sex toy for those nights your sub needs a good spanking. Effortlessly plant tingling taps on your submissive partner or gently caress shivers down their spine with the versatile wide tip fetish sex toy. The chic crop’s hand-stitched tip and luxurious designer handle helps you elevate pleasure and intensity arousal with every tantalizing touch. Enjoy a sexy bondage role playing scene with this sturdy and well-made riding crop. Indulge in your wildest whims and gratify your deepest fantasies, or explore some weird sexual fetishes with this luxurious sex and bondage experience. Spice up your evening and explore your kinky side as a couple with this versatile, pleasure loving fetish sex riding crop. It's time for a Scandal!

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Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Deluxe Cat o' Nine

Show your partner who's in charge with the Deluxe Cat-O-Nine Tails. The heavy-duty tresses snap to attention when you flick this flogger across their tender skin. Perfectly balanced with a solid handle and no-slip grip this flogger is perfect for exploring your dominant or submissive side. It hurts so good.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Cat-O-Nine Tails - Black

Show your lover who's boss with the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cat-O-Nine Tails. One smack of the cat o' nine tails' tresses and your lover will know who's in charge!

Length: 25" (63.5 cm)

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Fetish Fantasy Series Beaded Cat-O-Nine Tails

This black 20" (50.8 cm) cat is sure to make your submissive meee-OW!

The wood bead handle has a handy strap and the tresses are an easy-to- use eight inches long. The strap and tresses are made of easy-to-clean soft-backed vinyl whose tips provide just the right amount of sting.

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Icicles No. 38 - Clear / Black

Elegant upscale and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail this luxurious glass flogger will leave you breathless. Each hand-blown Icicle glass is sleek unique and made to play hard. The hypoallergenic glass is nonporous and body safe and when cared for properly is designed to last a lifetime. The glass Cat-O-Nine Tails features genuine bull leather tresses that are soft enough for begginer play but heavy enough to deliver a firm whack. The heavy-duty weighted glass handle is hand-blown and doubles as a glass dildo for vaginal and anal play. The beautiful textured swirls provide added stimulation and the glass handle can be heated or cooled for tempting temperature play.

Length: 26.5" (67.5 cm)
Insertable Length: 6.75" (17 cm)
Width: 1.5" (3.8 cm)

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