Small finger vibes uses alkaline watch batteries including the AG-13 size.  The Coin and Button batteries come in packs of 3, 6 and 12.  

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Sexy Battery LR44 - 3 Count Card

Put some energy in your toyz.

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Dragon - AG13 - LR44 - 10 Pack

Dragon batteries are top of the line alkaline batteries that deliver maximum power are long lasting and the perfect companion to make your toys last longer and perform better. Priced right these are the best-valued batteries around.

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Volt Alkaline Batteries AG-13 - 12 Pack

Volt Alkaline Batteries are high powered long lasting batteries. Specifically designed to be used with electronic devices such as

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Replacement Batteries AG13 LR44 Button Cell - 12 Piece Display

These AG-13 batteries come compactly and neatly stored for whenever you need them and never will you be left fumbling when your vibrator peters out. Convenient 6-packs of replacement batteries. Compact dispenser hold 12 packs of replacements.

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