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Bi-Polar Silicone Erection Rings

These cock rings pack some serious zing. Conductive silicone makes these bi-polar cock rings an exciting addition to any electro toolbox...Simply place the rings over your rod and connect them to your Zeus Powerbox. Once the rings are on and hooked up select your intensity level. A tantalizing current will flow from one ring and back exciting the nerves along the way. The silicone material is non-porous allergy-safe and easy to clean. Compatible with all Zeus Powerboxes and handheld systems sold separately.

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Electrosex Urethral Sound

The electrosex urethral sounds are not for beginners. Many men have discovered an incredible wealth of pleasure in urethral insertions. For a long time sounds have been available for this purpose. The electrical urethral sounds take it all one step further. Split into two poles, it runs a current from one end to the other through the penis of the user incredible experience.

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Electrosex Cock and Ball Strap

The Electrosex Cock and Ball Strap snaps around the base of the cock and balls and around the penis, just like any ordinary cock and ball strap used to hold an erection. The only difference is the rows of metal studs through each strap. When plugged in, those metal studs act as the contact points, passing electricity from one strap to the other, leading up to an intense orgasmic experience.

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Electrosex Torpedo Plug Small

The cucumber shaped plug is simply electrifying. The simplistic design makes it affordable and versatile. Can be used anally or vaginally.

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Electrosex Torpedo Plug Large

These cucumber shaped plugs are simply electrifying. Their simplistic design makes them affordable and versatile. They can be used anally or vaginally. Most start off with the small size anally and then work their way up. Once inserted you can experience a mild or wild sensations of pleasure depending how much power you give these torpedoes. They work with all of our Zeus Power Units. The Folsom and Erostek units will need our KE110 adapter shown below. Bi-polar design makes use easy, just plug and play.

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Electrosex Clamps

These brilliant little toys make trying different electrosex contact points so easy. What's more they're gentle, but firm, making it easy to clip them on to sensitive spots without unnecessary pinching. This makes them great to find the perfect contact point on either male or female genitals. For more fun, one of the clamps to can be removed and replaced with a sticky pad or other Zeus Electrosex accessory.

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Beginner Electrosex Kit

The beginner electrosex kit is the perfect package to get started in electrosex. It's simple, portable, and comes with all the attachments one needs to start. It's easy to adjust the pulse amplitude, rate, and intensity with the dials. It has two outputs,each capable of different intensities. With the two included tens pin lead wires, four sticky pads, and bonus electrosex clamps, you can get started the moment you open the package. Once a user has reached the limitations of the included attachments, they can plug in any other zeus electrosex accessory and open themselves up to whole new dimensions of pleasure.

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Electrosex Penis Band

The Electrosex Penis Bands are a very versatile toy. They're each unipolar, meaning electricity flows from one to the other. As they're adjustable this can lead to all kinds of arrangements. You can attach one to your balls and the other to the head of your cock, or just side by side on that perfect spot you want to stimulate. The elastic fit makes sure that they're just as snug as you'd like them to be no matter where you place them. Placed at the base of the cock and balls a band can even be used as an effective and comfortable cock ring.

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Adhesive Electro-Pads Pack of 4

The Zeus Electro 4 pack is a high quality electro stimulation pad with great conductive qualities. These pads have lower resistance than most pads so less juice is needed to obtain the same results. They disperse electricity for a more complete sensation and less of targeted approach.

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Vigor II Electro Stim Cock and Balls Ties & Frenum Electro Stimulator

Electrify yourself or your partner with the intense stimulation of the Vigor II. These penis-oriented estim accessories are the perfect way to create all new sensations in the penis. Adjust one of the silicone ties around your cock and balls to your desired tightness, followed by the second one around the frenulum. Plug in a single set of leads to your loop ties to experience pulsing pleasure all down your shaft, from the sensitive area beneath the head of your cock to your constricted cock and balls. Experience various settings from your Zeus Power Box as the current courses from the red lead down to the black. One size fits most with these adjustable ties, perfect for use as a regular cock ring as well!

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Electro Conductive E-Stim Gloves

Electrify your touch and thrill your partner like never before with the Conductor Electro Sensation Gloves from Zeus! Premium silicone, for a smooth and stimulating sensation. Made of a conductive material, designed to give a mild electric pulse when both gloves are applied to the naked skin. Designed with electro conductive pads on the outside, so the stimulation is experienced by the recipient, not the wearer. Easy to use, just select a compatible power box and plug in. Now you are ready to glide your hands across your lover, creating an exciting electrical massage using your touch. One size fits most.

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Vigor Corona E-Stim Urethral Insert

This flexible, versatile toy adds exciting electro stimulation to thrilling urethral insertion. The adjustable and removable balls at the top deliver the current inside as well as out. Just loop the noose style rubber loop around the head of your cock and tighten to fit you. Adjust the balls for precise stimulation, then plug the leads of your favorite power box into the ends and feel an extreme jolt of pleasure! Works with most Zeus power boxes, sold separately.

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Electro Lockdown E-Stim Male Chastity Cage

This e-stim chastity cage is full of electrifying features, making it a must-have for fans of control play and electro play alike! The cage is lined with electro conductive silicone, with pads running along the sides, flaring out into a paddle shape at the head. The cage attaches to the adjustable ABS ring, with an innovative latch system that allows you to cinch it down without having to switch out different rings. Once the ring is in place, attach the pin shelf and choose how many spacers you need for the perfect fit. The less spacers, the smaller the gap, the less chance of escape! Includes leads that hook up to any Zeus powerbox, sold separately. The lock completes the assembly, for the ultimate in stimulating, sensual restriction. The item is lightweight and can be worn for extended periods, as there is an opening at the end for urine.

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Ion E-Stim Cordless Vibrating Wand Massager

This cordless estim wand heightens orgasm by combining electro play with powerful vibration. Tease and please with the soft, electro conductive head. Just make sure both bands are touching the skin, and use the independent control to adjust the 5 levels of electro intensity and 5 levels of vibration. The cordless and compact design makes travel easy, with no outlets to hunt down or cords to tangle and tether you. Just pure pleasure, right at your fingertips.

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Onyx Electrosex Strap-on Dildo

The Onyx Silicone Electro Strap On Dildo by Zeus is amply sized to satisfy your need for a fulfilling electro adventure! Perfect for the daring novice or seasoned users alike. Made of premium silicone, it features a bulbous tip and flared base, ideal for use in most strap-on systems. Once inserted, electro stimulation will flow from one conduction pad to the other. Simply plug into any Zeus Electrosex Power Box, sold separately. The leads attach to the sides, rather than the base, to ensure they will not get in your way. The electro wires fit nicely outside of O-ring connectors.

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White Knight 10 Mode Electro Vibe Wand

With the White Knight Electro Wand from Zeus, you get precise electro stimulation coupled with powerful vibration anywhere you want it. Simply control the flow of vibration and electro excitement via he control panel located on the front. This exclusive wand features 5 levels of electro and vibration intensities, each independently controlled with their own button. You can choose to have both on a the same time or one by itself. With the side bosst button you can create your own pulse pattern by pressing whenever you want a jump. The uniquely shaped silicone head features a pointed, contoured tip and texture elements for the ultimate in targeted stimulation.

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Surge Bi-Polar Electro Prostate Stimulator

Designed specifically to target the prostate gland, Surge Prostate Stimulator from Zeus is an ergonomically contoured anal electrode, designed for maximum prostate pleasure. Gently curved for P-spot attention, once inserted this device will send a gentle current from the inside out, enveloping the body in waves of tingling electric pleasure. Sized just right for novice and experienced users alike! With a tapered tip for targeted stimulation and an easy to remove flared base, you can keep this exciting toy in for longer periods of time without sacrificing comfort. Simply plug the included adapters into the probe and attach to any Zeus powerbox (sold separately).

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Taser Tag Electro Play Cuffs

Three ways to electro play are at your fingertips with the Deluxe Edition Taser Tag Cuff Set. An electro stimulation egg offers two modes an IN setting to be used to send electronic pulses to any part of the body you desire or an OUT setting to bring the cuffs into play. Just connect the cuffs and egg via the included cord, place one cuff around your wrist then havw your partner place the other cuff on their wrist. Now every touch you make to your partners body will emit an electro pulse that you both will feel. You can even add a third or fourth partner into your touch circle and have all players feel the pulse and whatever point of contact they make with one another. The cuffs come with adjustable Velcro closures that fit most size wrists. The egg controller provides power both to itself or to the cuffs allowing you to easily dial in your level of electro pulse power from slow to fast for the perfect dose of electro play.

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Mingle 4-Piece Combo Electro Couples Kit

Get ready to create some sparks in the bedroom. This smooth and stimulating Electro Couples kit comes with two bi polar erection rings made from conductive silicone allowing for a tantalizing current flowing through one ring and back exciting the nerves along the way. Alos included is an Electro Insertable which allows you to probe excite and stimulate all the erogenous zones of your partner including vaginal and anal insertion.

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Body Light Twilight Wand Adpater

This state-of-the-art electro conductor allows the user to turn their body into the ultimate sensation tool. Just place the flat steel conduction pad against your body then plug the end of the adapter into your Zeus Twilight Wand (sold separately). Now you are ready to give your partner a sensory experience like no other. The sizzling electro stimulation flows from the wand through you and into your partner turning your body into their own e-Stim toy. You can give them a light tingling massage or a sensual sting. This pad is one of our lighter intensity conduction pads. Use your imagination the possibilities are endless.

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Arcana Electro Vibe Wand - Black

Want some vibration with your electro play.. With the Arcana ElectroSex Wand you can have both generous amount of incite ElectroSex Gel onto to the area you wish to stimulate and plug the wand into an outlet. Operate the wand via the controller on the handle. This one of a kind piece features 5 levels of electro and vibration intensities. By depressing the vibration button you can turn the vibration up or down and by depressing the electro intensity button you can add elevated electro currents to your massage. You can choose to have both stimulators on at the same time or one on its own. With the side boost button you can create your own pulse pattern by tapping the button for a rhythmic jump. Arcanas ergonomic design assists target stimulation and its sleek black design makes Arcana a darkly sexy ride.

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Nimbus XL Silicone Electro Plug

Probe excite and stimulate your partner with the Nimbus Silicone Plug. Smooth body-safe silicone glides against skin as dual conductive pads create a stimulating pattern of current that teases and tingles from inside your body.

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Palm Powerbox - 6 Modes

Electrosex works by running a gentle current through the body exciting nerves and muscles along the way essentially making your body pulse and vibrate. The Palm Powerbox is a great way to get started. Its compatible with all of the Electrosex Accessories and the included pads are great for experimenting with electrosex.

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Zeus Electro-Sex Gel 4 Oz.

Zeus Electrogel heightens electric conductivity between the skin and Electrosex toys for increased intensity and pleasure. Apply liberally to area of the body you wish to stimulate for a smoother more consistent and electro sensation. Compatible with adhesive pads clamps and other Zeus Electrosex accessories.

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Anal Plug

Wire up and get ready for some intense anal play. Anal Plug is a good sized plug to satisfy your need for size while the flared base helps you keep it in for a longer period of time and still be comfortable. This plug can give you an electrifying orgasm like never before.

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Electro Bullet

Step up to the next level of bullet pleasure with the Zeus Electro Bullet. Made to work with all Zeus Power Boxes, this bullet will take you on a whole new ride. Once plugged into a power box unit, place this bullet on your clit, in your anus or vagina and it will send pleasurable currents to that area. Sensations can be controlled by you, giving you ultimate control for mild or intense pleasure flow.

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Savvy Inspire Electro Stimulation Massager - Pink

With adjustable electro intensity 7 vibration levels and a crescendo pulse pattern feature Inspire is the foremost choice in electro stimulation. Designed to target the pelvic floor muscles,strengthening as well as stimulating the vagina for more intense orgasms. Its superior design begins from the inside out. A durability tested motor emits powerful vibration throughout the piece while the interior fusing transmits electro pulses that are sensually stimulating. The exterior features a velvet soft ergonomic curve that bends subtly along the 6.5-inch length with a hint of textural ripples at the middle. The two solid brass plates at the sides of the top end provide electro stimulation at various levels through a gentle current. This superior electro massager has the ability to vibrate and electrically stimulate simultaneously or you can use either mode on its own.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Shock Therapy

Give your sex life a change with this incredible beginners electro-sex kit. This electric stimulation Shock Therapy Kit is perfect for the first-timers and those new to e-stimulation. Choose a setting on the power units dial to control the intensity and go from sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in seconds. Switch between SLOW and FAST to control the frequency of the shock or adjust the dial to control the strength of the shock.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Replacement Batteries - 3 Pack

Shock Therapy replacement batteries 3-pack. 3V batteries

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Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Electro Nipple Suckers

Give your sex life a charge with the incredible Shock Therapy Electro Nipple Suckers TM. Perfect for beginners and those new to electro-sex, these twist on nipple pumps allow you to combine powerful nipple suction with an amazing electro-massage, all without the use of a separate hand pump.

The compact control unit can also be used alone as a hand massager.To use the control as a hand massager, switch to "IN" mode. The oval centerpiece delivers the shock once your palm touches any other part of the metal. To use the power unit with the loops, switch it to "OUT" mode and connect the loops’ plug-in jack.

• Phthalates Free
• Batteries Included

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Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Electro Pinwheel

Give your sex life a charge with this incredible Electro Pinwheel. Perfect for beginners and those new to e-stimulation, this electro-sex Wartenberg device will send a jolt of pleasure anywhere you place the wheel. Named after the famous neurologist, Dr. Robert Wartenberg, this pinwheel delivers a tingly feeling as the prickly pins roll across the skin. It produces a variety of sensations from a tickle to a bite depending on the amount of pressure you apply. The Wartenberg Wheel is incredible for sensual play. Combined with a blindfold, restraints, and a feather, the heightened sensory experience will leave your lover breathless.

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