Does your store need Gag Gifts?  Honey's Place hilarious selection of gag gifts covers the mild to the wild from your favorite manufactures including Pipedream and George's Fun Factory.  

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Talk Dirty to Me Featuring Alexis Texas

Have you ever wished Alexis Texas would talk dirty just for you. Your fantasy is about to come true. Zero Tolerance brings you a CD full of sexy audio tracks voiced by Alexis Texas the blonde goddess of adult film. She will talk you through oral anal cowgirl doggy missionary fast and slow and then she begs you to come at the end. Simply load the tracks onto your Smart Phone MP3 player tablet stereo or anywhere you would listen to music. Then sit back relax and let Alexis talk you through the hottest sex you will ever hear.

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Colt Leather Men Playing Cards

This deck of playing cards holds 54 pictures of men in leather.

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Peni Flapper Purple

Pull the string and watch them wave and flap

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Blow Up Playful Penis Centerpiece

Fun inflatable centerpiece with weighted base

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Talking Sheep

Blow-up sheep with action activated sound

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Better Bj Kit

Take the "job" out of giving blowjobs and master the art of oral sex with the incredible Better BJ Kit.

This kit includes everything to make your blowjob experience more enjoyable and to help you master your skills.


A "Target Practice" blowjob bib
Head Job flavored oral sex lotion
Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray
Bj Blast Oral Candy
Inflatable Knee Pad BJ Cushion
Pipedream's Ultimate Oral Sex "How to" Guide

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Pecker Lipstick - 12 Piece Display

Color those luscious lips with Pecker Lipsticks Each box contains 12 lipsticks with an array of color from Hooker Reds, Creamy Pinks, Sparkly Mauves, and Opal Rouge.

Each lipstick case has a clear, phallic-shaped top with a twist bottom and gold foil script. The lipstick are rich in color and pecker-shaped with a veiny shaft and perfect mushroom head.

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Midget Man Condom

He is a grower.. Not a show-er. Perfect for pint sized peckers.

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Condoms for Small Peckers - 48 Piece Display

For the man full of bravado, give him a small token of your appreciation and a piece of humility pie!

These small pecker condoms will have your friends laughing in no time. They make great party favors or stocking stuffers! Tweezers and magnifier NOT included.

Display of 48 packs.

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Super Condom

Larger than the average Joe we have got the Super Condom that will not only cover your rod it will leave room for your huge load

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Travel Size Instant Threesome

Fulfilling Every Man's Ultimate Fantasy! Double Your Pleasure and Double the Fun!

You’ve always dreamt of having your very own ménage à trois with two hot chicks—and now you can with the incredible Travel-Size Instant Threesome! Just add air and these blow-up beauties come to life right before your eyes, giving you the ultimate pair of party girls who are always ready for fun! You don't have to wine and dine them or worry about the other one getting jealous! With a blow-up babe on each arm, you'll be the envy of every party. Two hot chicks plus your dick equals one helluva good time!!

Kit Includes:
- (2) Inflatable 26" (66 cm) Tall Love Dolls
- Choose Between Blonde or Brunette
- Each Doll Features (1) Pussy and (1) Ass Hole
- (2) FREE Vinyl Repair Kits
- Colors and Assortment May Vary

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Bachelorette Party Favors Peter Inflatable Love Doll

This heartthrobs got the goods.. Peter maximum man. Like most dudes this hunky heartthrob loves gettin blown-just add air and hes your very own blow-up boy toy. Hes perfect for bachelorette parties birthday parties group sessions and riding shotgun in carpool lane. Take him wherever you go. Peter loves to be the life of the party.

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Travel Size Tranny Inflatable Love Doll

Travel Size Tranny Love Doll

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Travel Size Lovin' Lamb Inflatable Love Doll

You have just wrangled your very own Loving Lamb she will be your barnyard babe

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Travel Size Fatty Patty Inflatable Love Doll

She is Fatty Patty and she's living large. Take this travel size jumbo whore home with you tonight. Her love holes are begging for your pleasure rod

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Blow Up Billy Goat

You have just shepherded your own Blow Up Billy Goat Sometimes it feels so good being so ba-a-a-d

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Inflatable Pecker Decorations

Perfect of indoor or outdoor use these blow-up peckers will have your guests smiling with joy at your next bachelorette bash or birthday party. Each inflatable pecker comes with a hang-tab on the top so they can be hung anywhere or thread a string though them and hang them like a streamer.

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Lovin' Lamb

Give the perfect hillbilly gag gift a loving Lamb! Intimacy does not have to be just between adults. Lambs have feelings too

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Erotic Love Piggie

You have just hog tied your very own Erotic Love Piggie Any time you are in the mood for a roll in the mud she will be your sexy sow. Great for bachelor parties and that special guy

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Captain Pecker Inflatable Party Pecker

This 6 foot pecker can be your best companion on a cold night and best friend in the pool. Take this Giant Pecker to all your parties or just your bachelorette party either way you will never be alone with Captain Pecker

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The X-Mas Tuggie

Snuggle up with the fuzzy sock that warms your cock! The X-Mas Tuggie is perfect for warming your morning-wood hiding your afternoon boners and disguising those all-day semis. Dont be fooled by cheap imitations—only the Tuggie keeps your hands-free and your junk covered anywhere you go. Ordinary tube socks work great but they look terrible. The stylish candy cane-print Tuggie wraps around your pleasure rod and sack allowing you to let your stuff hang in any setting you can imagine. Wear it on the plane in cold movie theaters at the ball game on vacation or to the beach--it doesn't matter you still look and feel great.

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Snuggle up with the fuzzy sock that warms your cock. The original Tuggie is perfect for warming your morning-wood hiding your afternoon boners. The stylish leopard-print Tuggie wraps around your pleasure rod and sack allowing you to let your stuff hang in any setting you can imagine.

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Disposable Foil Boobie Cake Pan

GREAT FOR: Bachelor Parties Birthday Parties Weddings Bar Mitvahs Includes 2 Disposable Pan

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Disposable Pecker Cupcake Pans 2pack

Make the girls last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette party favors.

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Disposable Pecker Cake Pans 2pack

Make the girls last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette party favors.

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Jumbo Pecker Cake Pan

Whether its a bachelorette party or some other occasion that calls for naughty snacks your cake will be the one everyone wants to sink their teeth into.

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Pecker Cookie Cutter

This set of three penis-shaped cookie cutters will let you find out once and for all Bake up a fun treat thats extra fun for all to eat

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Pecker Cake Pan

Pecker Cake Pan

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