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Charged Spinning Counter Display 2017

Get all of the new Charged essentials in a convenient spinning counter display.

Display Includes:
• 8 – Charged Positive Vibe
• 8 – Charged Vooom Bullet Vibe
• 4 – Charged FingO
• 4 – Charged Ohare
• 4 – Charged OWow
• 4 – Charged Yoga

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Sola Starter Kit Display

Sola Starter Kit Includes:

SL-02102 Sola Cue (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-03101 Sola Sync (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-04100 Sola Jett (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-07100 Sola Hop (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-05201 Sola Pip (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-08101 Sola Egg Wellness Set (3pcs)
SL-09100 Sola Egg Passion Set (3pcs)
SL-99989-b Sola Egg Tester
PT-99930-12 Security Cables (4pcs)
SL-99991-d Acrylic Stand for Sola Cue, Jett, & Hop testers
SL-99987-d Acrylic Stand for Sola Sync tester
SL-99998-d Acrylic Stand for Sola Pip tester
USB Charging Cable with one pin
USB Charging Cable with 2 pins
USB Charging cable with 3 magnetic ports

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Pure Aluminium Display

The 36-piece POP display comes pre-packed with 2 of each Pure Aluminium styles - 2 boxes of each style requiring only minor assembly for the base. The top row of the display holds the 5-inch boxes the second and third rows hold the 8-inch boxes and the fourth and fifth rows hold the 10-inch boxes. The POP gives store owners and easy space-saving way to display the Pure Aluminium range and makes a great addition to any retail store.

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Metal Worx Floor and Counter Display

The Metal Worx POP display makes a great addition to any retail enviroment. The 22-piece display can be used as both a counter-top display and a free-standing Floor unit to give retailers a flexible range of mechandising options. The cardboard display is easy-to-assemble and comes with step-by-step instructions. The display holds 2 of each style for a total of 22 pieces.

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