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Penthouse Jenna Rose Cyberskin Reality Girl

The most realistic life size toy available. Cyberskin material feels just like the real skin. Realistic face and body pleasing mouth full breasts beautiful round ass tight pussy. Froggy style position knees up and apart. Pussy and ass feature textured tunnels. Mouth features ribbed tunnel. Includes 6x 6s vibrating bullet. U shaped inner tunnel for easy cleaning. IsoFoam core covered in soft Cyberskin. Included warming wand bring her to a life-like temperature in 10 minutes. Hand painted details.

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Tlc Carmen Luvana Cyberskin Inflatable Sex Doll - Vibrating

Life size replica of sultry superstar Carmen Luvana. Features a CyberSkin vagina and anus molded from Carmens parts. for use alone or with Carmen doll. Includes a love bullet for powerful multi speed stimulation.

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Vivid Raw Juicy Juggs Love Doll

Life size inflatable love doll. Firm breasts. 4-color face. 3 love holes.

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Vivid Raw Brown Sugar Love Doll

Life size inflatable love doll. Firm breasts. 4-color face. 3 love holes.

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Gia Darling Transsexual Love Doll

4-color face, blonde hair, voluptuous breasts, and a cock 2 love passages

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Lacey Sexy Sista Doll

Gorgeous life-like love doll with 4-color face Voluptuous breasts with firm nipples 3 love passages

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India Nubian Love Doll

Life-like 4-color love doll Firm breasts and 3 love passages

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Tyler Knight Doll

Life-like doll with an 8 in. penis 1 love hole 4-color face

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Kendra Love Doll

She traded her diploma for dildos and this coed cutie needs a new study buddy! Meet Kendra Sunderland, the infamous 19-year old "Library Girl" who decided to take a break from the books and film her cam show in the school library instead. This former freshman is like most college girls-she just wants to party hard and have as much sex as she can cram into her busy schedule! Give her a lesson in lovemaking and explore every inch of this former Beaver's beaver!

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Just in Beaver Love Doll

Meet Just-In Beaver the barely legal boy-toy whos waited 18 long years to stick his lil dicky in something sticky. When hes not busy beating up paparazzi or beating off hes up to his high-tops in hot Hollywood tail. But the Beave-ster doesnt have this effect just on women - he turns straight men gay faster than you can peel his skinny jeans off. So what are you waiting for inflate this lil pricks ego even more and have your every own Beaver Bash.

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Lindsay Blowhan Love Doll

Meet Lindsay the feisty firecrotch blowup babe whos future is always on the rocks. This juggy jailbird will steal more than your heart...she will swipe your jewels and empty your booze cabinet faster than you can send her to rehab. Never mind her legal issues-just add air and you can be her daddy for the night. Shes seen more bars than an AA dropout - give her your hammer in her slammer and sentence her to some hard time. Pick a hole and see if this raunchy redheads carpet matches the drapes.

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Kinky Kim Doll

Meet Kinky Kim, the busty bubble-butt bimbo who's had more dark meat in her than a bucket of fried chicken! No one really knows what’s she’s famous for—except cellulite and her insatiable appetite for filthy sex! This dirty lil' diva wants you to stick it in her face and get it all over the place in her crack or on her back, between her thighs or in her eyes, in her snatch or down her hatch! Her three hungry love holes are starving for your man meat--serve it to her piping hot, make it big, and load her with your secret sauce!

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Britney Bitch Love Doll

Shes Britney bitch the pig-tailed popstar princess whos got a body that will not quit and a brain that wont start. Just add air and this washed-up white trash whack-job will suck the chrome off a trailer hitch quicker than you can say food stamps. When shes not stuffin her muffin with man meat this busty blow-up bimbo is busy giving fans more beaver shots than an Oregon wildlife calendar. Shes got three toxic love holes that are begging for your pleasure rod so what are you waiting for….bang this baby one more time

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She Aint No Beyonce Love Doll

She aint no Beyonce Shes a blow up bee yatch whos crazy in love with cock You dont have to put a ring on this pumped up pop diva to make her all yours though just add air and this bootylicious babe is your date for the night. dont let her seductive smile and good girl reputation fool you her three love holes are begging to be filled with your man meat! Make her hit the high note while you tap that ass from behind! Rap star boyfriend not included.

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Horny Hilary Inflatable Love Doll

Meet Horny Hillary, the nation's oldest piece of Presidential poontang ever to blaze the campaign trail! Like a bottle of fine wine, this grey-haired GILF just gets better with age! Over the years, she's done a great job of balancing family and public service, but lately the only thing she's trying to balance is the beam on her bathroom scale! When the former First Lady isn't busy worrying where Billy sticks his willy, this slutty Senator's honey hole is begging for your pleasure pole! Just add air and this occasion! Who cares if she couldn't even satisfy her own hubby - she

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Lindsey Fully Loaded Love Doll

Put your dick in drive and take Lindsay for a spin. She will satisfy you orally vaginally and especially anally. Who cares if her tits are real or not squeeze them and watch her nipples perk with pleasure.

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Pamela Love Doll

This voluptuous vixen is always on duty and ready to please you. Pick a love hole and let her satisfy you orally vaginally or anally. This naughty lifeguard saves orgasms let her give you one tonight.

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Dirty Christina Fantasy Doll

Her three tender love holes are begging to be filled with everything you have got. Satisfy yourself orally vaginally or even anally. Dirty Christina wants to rock your cock

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Paris Love Doll

She will love you orally anally and vaginally. Do not let her social status intimidate the way she pleases you.

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Icky Love Doll

Meet Icky, the down-under dirty girl who went from fancy to filthy over night! When this white trash wannabe isn't busy busting out hit singles, she's stuffing her snatch with more dark meat than a Thanksgiving feast! This big booty albino Aussie loves to rap, so pull out your man meat and watch her wrap her lips around your pleasure stick! Her stench-trench sucks dick up without a hiccup and she can't wait to take you outback! Just add air and this light-skinned lezbo is ready to share her 3 luscious love holes with you!

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J Ho Doll

Her thick round ass is begging to be squeezed spanked and pounded deep and hard. She likes it rough rugged and raw so give her everything you have got and will not be disappointed. Pick a tender love hole and satisfy yourself anally orally or vaginally.

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Vivid Superstar Briana 3-Hole Doll With Realistic Face

Inflatable love doll. Doll has three love hole that are ready for penetration.

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Belladonna Love Doll

Bella could not wait to make a doll so you could enjoy all three hungry holes. We even added her actual face and her signature tattoos. Inflatable made of PVC.

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X5 Men - Sweet Jasmine Sex Doll - Natural

You will want to see how satisfying sweet Jasmine Tame can be!

She is life-sized, always eager for your hard cock to nail her and all you have to decide is whether to mount her from behind, get a blowjob, or make sweet love the old fashioned way.

Jasmine is always ready and willing for you to blow her up and release all of your pressure. So don't keep her waiting, she can handle up to 200 lbs and wants your hot, hard cock pounding away in her now!

Features & Benefits:
Life-sized Doll
3 Holes
Can Withstand Weight Up to 200 lbs
Phthalate and Latex Free
CE and RoHS Compliant

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Penthouse Nicole Aniston Cyberskin Reality Girl

The most realistic life size toy available. Cyberskin material feels just like the real skin. Realistic face and body pleasing mouth full breasts beautiful round ass tight pussy. Doggy-style position. Pussy and ass feature tunnels. Throat features ribbed tunnels. Includes 6x 6s vibrating bullet. U-shaped inner tunnel for easy cleaning. IsoFoam core covered in soft Cyberskin. Included warming wands bring her to a life-like temperature in 10 minutes. Hand painted details.

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Ryans Secrets Inflatable Love Doll

When the ball drops once a year Ryans mouth is wide open to take it all in. We have waited years for this metrosexual media mogul to finally come out of the closet but the truth is he goes both ways and he is proud of it. This switch-hitting sicko wants to stick his pole in any hole as long as its warm and tight. He is addicted to sex and he will do anything to put his little dicky in something sticky.

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Ashlynn Brookes Love Doll

Superstar Ashlynn Brooke is sexy seductive and now yours for the taking. The ultimate girl next door with the face of an angel and the body of a sinner is certain to make your fantasies come true over and over again. Your imagination is your only limitation. There is only one Ashlynn Brooke and now she can be yours. This doll comes with three holes. Use Ashlynn tonight and every night.

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Sophia Rossi Doll - Big Boob Doll

Sophia Rossi Love dolls comes with fuckable big tits luscious mouth juicy pussy succulent ass and beautiful screen printed face.

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