Rechargeable, Glass or stainless steel.  Honey's Place is your wholesale distributor of the most popular eco-friendly sex toys from manufacturers such as the Original Magic Wand, Shabari and the Bodywand.


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Vibrating Ball Cradle

Unleash your orgasmic potential with the toy specifically made to cradle your balls with erotic vibrations, and never fuss with makeshift ball-buzzing solutions again! Slip into the double loop, one for penis, one for balls, and nestle the motor right behind the family jewels, enjoying the creamy silicone flexibility and texture. Choose from 9 vibration patterns to find the optimum rhythm for solo or couples play, even underwater as it’s completely submersible. Hand the remote to your partner for the element of surprise!

• Vibrating ball cradle with remote
• Motor nestles behind balls
• Textured surface for extra pleasure
• Increases orgasmic potential
• Boosts solo or couples play
• Double rings for penis and balls
• 9 vibrating speeds & functions
• Flexible for maximum comfort
• Made from pliable silicone
• Remote made from durable ABS plastic
• 30’ remote range
• Vibe Remote
• Toy & remote magnetic USB rechargeable

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Sasha Grey's Girlfriend Experience

The ultimate fantasy stroker is here! Plug into an erotic experience that ignites all your senses. Slip inside the realistic vaginal entry to enjoy a unique vibrating and tightening chamber. It vibes and grips with a life-like feel you've never experienced before as you check out the action through its multicolor window! Relax and let Sasha Grey talk dirty to you when you pop in the included ear buds and take in her mega-hot star power on the free movie included! The 6-speed motor means you can customize your ride to be as tight as you like it, even hands free when you utilize the powerful suction cup base. Clean your stroker by removing the sleeve and cleaning with Zero Tolerance's Masturbator Cleaner and a warm water rinse.

• Vibrating and tightening cannister stroker
• 6 tightening functions
• 7 vibrating functions
• Life-like vagina entry
• Inner sleeve made from clear frosted, soft and stretchy TPE rubber
• Cannister made from durable ABS plastic
• Window to see stroker and lighting inside can
• Multicolor changing light illuminates inside sleeve
• Stroker plays erotic Sasha Grey audio, ear buds included
• Includes Sasha Grey adult movie download
• Detachable suction cup base screws on at bottom of cannister for hands-free play
• Removable cap for storage and protection
• Stroker can be removed for cleaning
• LED lights illuminate buttons when in use
• Splashproof
• Height: 10.75 inches, Depth: 3.76 inches, Width: 3.76 inches
• Weight: Over 1.5 lbs
• Phthalate and latex free
• Rechargeable, USB cable included

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Vibrating Girth Enhancer

Get bigger and buzzier with the size-augmenting power of this unique vibrating penis enhancer that's great for couples play. Two soft and stretchy loops rein in the balls and penis while the penis is supported along the top, seamlessly creating more insertable width for satisfying penetration. The remote control operates two 9-speed motors, letting you stay focused on pleasure with internal and external stimulation. This unique toy works for anyone with a penis looking for a boost in girth and a vibrating advantage, even underwater, as it's completely submersible. Fully rechargeable toy and remote.

- Vibrating remote-control penis girth enhancer
- Double stretchy loops - one for penis, one for balls
- Great for couples play
- 2 motors - one for internal & one for clitoral stimulation
- Motors work together
- 9 Vibration speeds and functions
- Blue LED lights illuminate buttons on toy & remote
- Remote range is 30' (9.14m)
- Remote Dimensions: 1.27" W x 3.02" H, .82" D
- Made from creamy smooth silicone
- Remote made from durable ABS plastic
- Waterproof & submersible
- Latex & phthalate free
- Toy & remote both magnetic rechargeable, USB cable included

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Different Strokes

High tech meets ultimate pleasure with this dual motor stroker made from silky smooth silicone. The shaft channel grip squeezes to fit any size, featuring a fold-over head for an erotic closed-end option. The textured shaft and head operate with two seperate motors controlled independently to let you customize your experience from base to tip, even underwater as it's completely submersible. Keep the head open for a tantalizing underside feel or click the end shut for a tighter tunnel. No matter which option you choose, use plenty of lubricant and enjoy a free Zero Tolerance movie download for fantasy inspiration.

• Dual-motor vibrating stroker with fold-over head
• Vibrating channel with textured shaft
• Head folds down and locks for closed-ended option
• Flexible grip squeezes to fit any size
• Made from silky soft flexible silicone
• Detail made from chrome-finished ABS plastic
• 2 powerful motors - one in shaft and one in fold-over head
• 10 vibrating speeds and functions in each motor
• Motors controlled seperately
• Easy-to-use two-button control panel
• LED light illuminates buttons when in use
• Zero Tolerance movie download included for fantasy inspiration
• Lubricant foil pack included
• Phthalate and latex free
• Height: 7 inches, Depth: 2.68 inches, Width: 2.05, Weight: 6.2 oz
• Waterproof and submersible
• Rechargeable, USB cable included

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The Thrusting Stroker

Zero Tolerance Toys is proud to unveil this powerful thrusting stroker that feels just like the real thing because its motor seems to have a mind of its own! The life-like vaginal entry gives way to erotic, soft and stretchy pleasure nubs that massage and tickle as you slip inside. Then choose from five different thrusting speeds with five different intensities each, that literally stroke up and down with the power of European motor technology. Kick start your fantasy with a free adult movie download and use plenty of lubricant for best results. The entire stroker assembly comes apart and clean-up is easy with Zero Tolerance masturbator cleaner and a warm water rinse.

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Shape Shifter Inflatable Remote Butt Plug - Black

Discover the most comfortable, innovative butt plug that will transform your back door experience. With an inflatable bulb, the pressure is off entry and size, putting the focus entirely on that insanely erotic feeling of fullness that amps up your orgasms to the max. Slip the toy inside with plenty of lube and then vibrate and inflate up to seven glorious speeds and sizes, controlled with a covenient remote or directly on the toy. A powerful suction cup base allows you to play hands-free.

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Sucking Good

That's one good sucking vibrating masturbator! Experience the unique sensation of a stretchy soft sleeve inside a vacuum pump that squeezes and pulls like the real thing, with a tight TPE chamber textured for extra pleasure. Choose from three speeds of vacuum suction, or opt for the special feature that releases alternately for an incredible fantasy-fullfilling sequence, all the while humming along with a 9-speed vibrating base. Use the silicone sleeve to turn your vacuum toy into a penis pump to build length and girth - and even keep track with measurements along the side. All parts of this toy fully dissemble for cleaning with Zero Tolerance Masturbator Cleaner and a warm water rinse, and get a head start on your fun with a adult movie DVD download and a free foil pack of lube!

• Vacuum suction vibrating stroker
• Perfect for solo fantasy play time
• Grips and sucks for ultimate pleasure
• Vacuum suction chamber pulls stroker in
• Doubles as a penis pump to increase length and girth
• 2 sleeves to choose from - masturbator and pump styles
• Tight vaginal channel with ringed TPE masturbator sleeve
• Silicone sleeve to use as penis pump
• Exterior casing made from durable ABS plastic
• Stroker sleeve made from soft and stretchy TPE rubber
• Silicone sleeve made from medical grade silicone
• 3 sucking vacuum speeds
• 1 sucking function that sucks, then releases at intervals
• Vibrating base adds intense sensations
• 9 vibrating speeds and functions at base
• Opening at end of stroker for easy cleaning
• Stroker chamber can be fully removed to wash
• Stroker chamber has measurements for tracking length increase
• LED lights illuminate buttons when in use
• Height: 13.5 inches, Depth: 3.72 inches, Width: 3.72 inches
• Weight: 26.5 oz
• Comes with DVD download code
• Comes with ZT Jack Aide lube foil pack
• Phthalate and latex free
• Magnetic rechargeable, USB cable included
• Splash proof, not waterproof or submersible

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Bell Ringer Rechargeable Cock Ring

One loop slides to the base of the penis and one goes around the balls in this tantalizing design that features a rechargeable vibrating bullet tucked inside a sleeve for powerful erotic sensations. A row of ticklers sit above the bullet vibrator to stimulate his partner’s clitoris, completing the mutually orgasmic experience that also gives him an enhanced, longer lasting erection.
Features vibrating penis ring and ball strap. Soft tickling tongues for her pleasure. Powered by Zero Tolerance Bullet Vibrator. Buddy 9 vibrating speeds and functions. Cock Ring is made from stretchy smooth silicone.
USB rechargeable, cable included.

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Ring Leader - Black

Imagine a silky-smooth wave or tiny pleasure paddles caressing her clitoris durin intercourse so you can orgasm together! The Twirly Cock Ring delivers just that. It's the couples ring that deeply satisfies her with a constant gently flicking motion while you get a stronger, longer-lasting erection that stays up until you're ready. Enjoy the double ecstasy together and even play in the tub since it's completely submersible! Clean with Zero Tolerance Toy Cleaner and a warm water rinse.

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Zero Tolerance All Mighty

Discover the power of the little blue bullet. Completely rechargeable, this silky smooth mini-vibe tucks into most men's toys that use bullets, and can be enjoyed on its own to enhance any sexual experience. Its tapered tip gives you pinpoint precision where you want it most, and you can also bring into the bath or shower, as it's completely waterproof and submersible! Enjoy infinte play with the superior bullet that cleans up easily with Toy Cleaner and a warm water rinse.

Fully Rechargeable, USB Cable Included

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Eternal P-Spot

Prostate stimulation during sex or oral sex has been proven to induce mind-blowing orgasms for men, and this silky smooth vibrating prostate toy is ergonomically shaped to reach the P-spot with ease! Slip it inside with plenty of lube and cycle through the ten poewrful speeds and ejaculation feel even better! Powered by the Zero Tolerance All Powerful Bullet that can be used with other ZT men's toys, this toy is completely water submersible.

Features & Benefits:

Prostate Toy:

Made from luxurious silicone
Pleasure nubs for erotic textured sensation
Easy grip handle that doubles as a safety base
Waterproof & submersible
Phthalate & latex free

ZT All Powerful Bullet
10 powerful speeds & functions
Compatible with most vibrating men's toys that use bullets
Made from silky smooth platic with PU coating
Height: 3" (7.62cm), Width: .75" (1.91cm), Weight: 8oz.
Completely rechargeable, with USB cable included
Waterproof & submersible
Phthalate & latex free

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Rechargeable Anal Cock Ring & Anal Vibe

The Rechargeable Anal Cock Ring and Anal Vibe is a unique men's toy that cradles the penis and balls with two separate rings, while an attached vibrating butt plug works its stimulating magic!

The butt plug features textured rings for extra sensation and the extra ridges between the rings and plug are perfect for stimulating the perineum. Powered by the "ZT All Powerful Bullet", which features 10 powerful speeds and functions. Removeable and compatible with most vibrating men's toys that require bullets.

Rechargeable, USB charging cable included.

Waterproof and fully submersible.

Length: 6.25"
Width: 2"

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Rechargeable Torpedo

The Torpedo is a rechargeable cock ring with a special extra ring to cradle the balls. Her clitoris will thank you for the vibrating feature while your balls get some action too!

The powerful motor features 10 vibrating functions.

Rechargeable, USB cable included.

Waterproof and fully submersible.

Length: 4.5"
Width: 2"

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Zero Tolerance Crackle Rechargeable Masturbation Sleeve

Get your fantasies in hand with this mini-stroker you can hold comfortably with a groove in the middle for a finger to rest. The swirly nubbed chamber adds intense sensation as you stroke, indulging your fantasies with the free movie download inclided. Let the vibrations of the durable rechargeable bullet give you the inspiration you need to satisfy your desires, even when you're in the bath or shower, since this toy is completely submersible!

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Tap It

Experience the most intense orgasms possible by tapping into your P-Spot! The rigid shaft of this unique prostate vibrator features a popping button at the tip, specifically designed to feel like a come-hither finger tap, a sensation most men describe as the deepest pleasure they’ve ever felt. But that’s not all! Once you’re inside and tapping, the vibrating ball stimulator nestles right behind for an added zing that will truly put you over the edge to bliss, even under water as the whole toy is completely submersible.

• Prostate tapping vibrator
• Targets P-Spot for intense orgasms
• Vibrating ball stimulator at base
• Made from silky smooth silicone
• Detail made from durable ABS plastic
• 10 tapping speeds & functions
• 10 vibrating speeds & functions
• Each motor is controlled separately
• Operate toy directly or with remote
• 45’ remote control range
• Rigid shafts, not flexible
• White LEDs illuminate buttons when in use
• Vibe Height: 5.75”, Depth: 3.88”, Width: 1.34”
• Remote Height: 2.54”, Depth: .76”, Width: 1.81”
• Waterproof & submersible
• Phthalate & latex free
• Rechargeable, USB cable included
• Remote uses 1 CR2032 battery, included

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The One-Two Punch

Rolling with the punches never felt this good! With two thumping motors on either side of its bulbous tip, this prostate pleaser taps the P-spot directly and also behind for a thunderous sensation that leads to an intense release. The smooth gloss black finish slips in like a dream with plenty of lube, and the remote control allows hands-free or partner play, even underwater as it’s completely submersible. Knock yourself out with the 1-2 punch of orgasms like you’ve never experienced!

• Double thumping remote prostate vibrator
• Powerful motor operates 2 thumping points & shaft vibrations
• Vibration & thumping can be controlled separately
• 6 thumping speeds & functions
• 6 vibrating speeds & functions in shaft
• Targets P-spot & behind for thunderous feel
• Flexible shaft base to move with your body
• 20’ (6m) remote distance range
• 2-button control on toy & on remote
• LED illuminates buttons when in use
• Ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand
• Made from velvet smooth silicone
• Detail made from gloss black finished ABS plastic
• Vibe Height: 6.15”, Depth: 4”, Width: 1.68” (15.62 x 10.16 x 4.27cm)
• Remote Height: 2.97”, Depth: .83”, Width: 1.6” (2.97 x 2.03 x 4.1cm)
• Waterproof & submersible
• Phthalate & latex free
• Magnetic rechargeable, USB cable included

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Bubble Butt

Now's your chance to bubble over with tantalizing back door pleasure! These vibrating inflatable anal balls slip inside while they're deflated, then puff up to the size you crave most, so you can enjoy a full girthy feeling without the sizeable entry. The easy-to-use remote control commands seven powerful vibration speeds in the ergonomic safety base, and the quick-max button delivers immediate full inflation on demand! Discover the unforgettable experience of inflatable silicone butt balls!

• Inflatable vibrating anal balls
• Innovative anal plug alternative
• Enjoy internal girth with easy insertion
• Balls can inflate to exact desired girth
• Control inflation manually by remote
• Seperate quick-max inflation button
• Upper ball inflates to a maximum of almost 2 inches
• Lower ball inflates to a maximum of 1.65 inches
• 7 powerful vibration speeds and functions in base
• Wide ergonomic base for safety
• Remote made form durable ABS plastic
• Inflatable functions and patterns controlled together
• Made from creamy, smooth silicone
• Flexible to move with your body
• 60 foot remote range for partner and habds-free play
• Blue LED light illuminates buttons on remote and toy when in use
• Toy: W: 2.12 inches, H: 4.84 inches, D: 3.86 inches
• Remote: W: 1.46 inches, H: 2.1 inches, D: .84 inches
• 3.5 inch insertable length
• Weight: under .5lb
• Phthalate and latex free
• Splash proof, not submersible
• Rechargeable, USB cable included
• Remote uses 1 CR2032 battery, included

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Introducing the ultimate P-spot pleasure device, a hefty T-Bone-shaped remote control prostate vibrator made from soft and squishy medical grade silicone. It's velvet feel is backed up with a fully rigid core and ergonomically designed shape that effortlessly reaches the porstate with a bulbous tip and stimulation ridges. Discover the mind-blowing, intense orgasms that only P-spot can deliver!

• Remote control prostate vibrator
• Bulbous head with textures and grooves
• Ideal for super-intense orgasms
• Made from soft, squishy silicone
• Fully rigid body, not flexible
• Detail made from durable ABS plastic
• 4" insertable shaft
• 7 powerful vibrating speeds and functions
• Easy to use 1-button control on toy and remote
• 50' remote control range
• Green LED illuminates on toy and remote when in use
• Toy: W: 1.55", H: 5.05", D: 3.25"
• Remote: W: 1.08", H: 3.25", D: 1.08"
• Weight: under .5lb
• Phthalate and latex free
• Waterproof and submersible
• Magnetic rechargeable, USB cable included
• Rechargeable remote

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The Rocker

Rock your world with the mind-blowing orgasms that can only be achieved through prostate stimulation! This powerful 7-speed vibe reaches the P-spot with ease and employs a 3-speed 'come hither' motion at the top of the shaft where you want it most. Experts agree that this motion is the best to induce potent climaxes, even underwater as this toy is completely submersible. With one motor in the shaft and another in the base, the vibrations encompass a larger area with a tantalizing ball-buzzing effect. Use the remote for hands-free or partner play, and play safely with the wide ergonomic base.

• Powerful remote control prostate vibrator
• Perfect for intense prostate orgasms
• 2 Motors, one in shaft, one in base
• 'Come hither' motion in top half of shaft, with 3 speeds
• Ball-buzzing effect with base motor
• 7 Vibration functions in base & shaft
• Textured ringed base for added pleasure
• Ribbed texture in shaft for added pleasure
• Made from creamy smooth silicone
• Remote made from durable ABS plastic, 1 CR2032 battery included
• Blue LED light on bottom of base lights up when in use
• Remote range up to 50 ft
• Phthalate & latex free
• Waterproof & submersible (toy only)
• Rechargeable, USB cable included
• 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Toy - W: 1.59", H: 5.26", D:3.76"
Remote - W: 1.46", H: 2.72", D: .83"

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The Gentlemen Rechargeable Prostate Massager

Experience the most intense orgasms you've ever had with this powerful rechargeable prostate massager that's designed for easy navigation and pleasure precision. An easy to use one-buton control is nestled into the glossy black base that illuminates with a multi-colored LED and fits into the palm of your hand with remarkable comfort. The silicone shaft is shaped with the best length and curve to effortlessly reach the P-Spot, and your choice of 10 speeds and functions allows you to customize the ride, even under water, as it's completely submersible.

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The Handyman

Men love their tools, and this powerful P-spot stimulator is no exception! With 7 mind-blowing speeds and a textured shaft and tip, its gentle curves are designed to reach the prostate effortlessly. Prostate orgasms are one of the most intensely pleasurable experiences a man can have, and the right device is key to tapping into that extraordinary feeling. The remote control works up to 50 ft away, or you can control the toy directly while enjoy the ergonomic hand grip and strap.

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Zolo Stickshift Masturbator

The ZOLO Stickshift is a USB rechargeable squeezable, vibrating and thrusting male stimulator! The strong electro-magnetic thrusting motion delivers stimulation right to the head of the penis, and the 2.5 inch canal accommodates all penis tip sizes. Seven thrusting modes and 14 vibration modes combine to make 21 strong thrusting and vibration motions. The flexible and squeezable design allows for varied pressure and stimulation. Completely waterproof, the Stickshift is compact, travel-friendly and made from hypoallergenic materials.

Includes: Drying and Storage Bag

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Zolo Automatic Blowjob

The ZOLO Automatic Blowjob is a USB rechargeable automatic sucking and vibrating masturbator that uses advanced suction technology to simulate the experience of a real blowjob! With two unique suction modes, you can choose the one right for you. The multi-ribbed sleeve with incredibly satisfying textures and the optional erotic sounds both enhance the pleasure. Use the adjustable suction cup base for a hands-free experience!

• Enjoy multiple blowjob settings with or without vibration for a variety of sensations
• 2 Automatic suction modes and 10 vibrating modes
• Adjustable suction cup allows for a hands-free experience
• Built in Erotic Audio for added stimulation

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Zolo Tornado Rechargeable Masturbator - Black

The ZOLO Tornado is a USB rechargeable full shaft male masturbator that uses stimulating tornado technology to provide the ultimate pleasure. Designed to fully surround your shaft, the Tornado can cycle through 10 unique squeezing and gyrating modes, has built-in erotic sounds for added stimulation, and a multi-ribbed sleeve with incredibly satisfying textures! Take a peek at the action with the transparent window, and use the adjustable suction cup base for a hands-free experience!

• Designed to fully surround your shaft with squeezing and gyrating stimulation
• Transparent window allows you to view the action
• Adjustable suction cup allows for a hands-free experience
• Built in Erotic audio for added stimulation

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Zolo Stealth

Ergonomic design.
Simple intensity controls for one-handed use.
Internal texture for heightened sensation.
Easy to cleanm removable sleeve.
Performance sensors allow vibrations to build on contact with your body and the intensity increases naturally as you penetrate.
8 Vibration modes / 7 Vibrating Speeds
2 Hours of charge = 1.5 hours of pleasure

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Zolo Thrustbuster

Automatic stroking means you don't need to manually thrust.
Easy to clean with removable sleeve.
4 thrusting modes for varied sensation.
Life-like feeling with flexible sleeve.
Mimics the sensation of sliding in and out of a real vagina.
Built in erotic sounds for added stimulation.
3.5 hours of charge = 1 hour of pleasure.

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Zolo Warming Dome Pulsating Male Stimulator With Warming Function

Powerful oral sex stimulation of head + frenulum
6 Vibration modes
3 Intensify levels
Warming function for a more realistic feeling
Egonomic easy grip non-slip finishing
Rechargeable and waterproof.
Shower friendly

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Bodywand Luxe Mini Wand - Pink

Introducing the Bodywand Luxe Mini Wand, a small yet powerful vibe.

Powerful massage wand for solo or shared pleasure.
Perfectly sized - fis easily in the palm of your hand.
Large head and flexible neck are perfect for deep-tissue massage.
Crafted from velvety silicone and 100% splashproof for shower friendly massage.
7 modes of vibration for versatile play.
USB rechargeable with Travel Lock function - take it with you anywhere.
Rose gold metal strap

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Bodywand Luxe Mini Wand - Black

Introducing the Bodywand Luxe Mini Wand, a small yet powerful vibe.

Powerful massage wand for solo or shared pleasure.
Perfectly sized - fis easily in the palm of your hand.
Large head and flexible neck are perfect for deep-tissue massage.
Crafted from velvety silicone and 100% splashproof for shower friendly massage.
7 modes of vibration for versatile play.
USB rechargeable with Travel Lock function - take it with you anywhere.
Rose gold metal strap

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Bodywand Rechargeable Mini Massager With Attachments - Pink

The Bodywand Mini Massager is a deceptively. It is engineered for strong and continuous stimulation and can be taken anywhere thanks to its small size.

This mini massager features 10 massage patterns and is designed with subdued sound level for maximum discretion. Made of high quality body-safe silicone to give you peace of mind.

Includes 2 different attachments:

-Nubby attachment
-G-Kiss attachment

Rechargeable: 1 hour of charge = Up to 1 hour of enjoyment.

Length: 5"
Width: 1.25"

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Pro Sensual Series Pulse Touch Vibrator - Plum

Magnetic pulse stimulation rabbit vibrator with dual motors. Discover the unique sensations of intense magnetic powered pulsation. The ergonomically shaped rabbit is curved to hit the G-spot and deliver pulsing stimulation to intimate areas.

The cute bunny-shaped clitoral stimulator delivers strong vibrations for further stimulation.

• 3 Speeds with 7 functions
• Dual motors for pulsation and vibration
• Made using body-safe, phthalate-free Silicone
• Splashproof for shower play and clean-up
• Magnetic pulsation
• G-spot curved form
• Clitoral stimulation tip
• USB rechargeable
• Includes bonus travel bag

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Pro Sensual Series Pulse Touch Air Vibrator - Teal

Discover the unique sensations of intense magnetic powered pulsations. Combined with air pulse technology for clitoral stimulation, this rabbit vibrator is ergonomically shaped to target the g-spot and deliver strong stimulations for ultimate pleasure.

• Clitoral stimulating tip air pulses simulates suction
• Dual stimulation motors
• 3 speeds and 7 functions
• Made with body-safe, phthalate-free Silicone
• USB rechargeable vibrator
• Intense pulsation powered by magnetic pulse technology for G-spot stimulation
• Includes bonus travel bag

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