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Sliquid Soak – Luxurious and Gentle Bubble Bath Limoncello 8.5 Oz

Immerse your senses in this aromatic, foaming bath soak that is both soothing to the skin and gentle on the most intimate areas. Formulated without any of the harsh chemicals usually associated with bath products, the ingredients in Soak combine to offer a moisturizing soak experience that will transport your mind to the center of a Japanese garden filled with Cherry Blossom trees, or a lemon field in picturesque Southern Italy. Glycerine and paraben free, Sliquid Soak is infused with decadent cherry blossom and lemon essentials oils, natural sea salt, and shea butter to create a luxuriant, in-home spa experience.

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Sexplosion! Bath Bombs - Display - 6 Count

Each SEXplosion! Bath Bomb dissolves to release 3 sexually suggestive, waterproof cards and are hot tub safe! 6 Bombs per pack, 3 pcs of each of the 2 scents. Includes: 3 Cherry Blossom Bath Bombs & Sensual Lavender Bath Bombs Each bomb contains 3 sexually suggestive cards.

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The 9's Sexy Suds Light Scented Facial and Body Vagina Soap

Sexy suds is good, clean fun. With its fine detailing, pleasent scent and gentle ingredients, it's the perfect gift....for a bachelorette gift...for a sexy anniversary, or just a fun night in. Meant for external use only. this pink beauty is much more fun than Ivory ever was!

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Pecker Bath Bombs 3 Pk

This Erotic Scented Pecker Bath Bombs are specifically formulated to set the perfect mood for you and your lover to get caught up in a sensuous steamy “Wet” Erotic Bath! To get your juices flowing even more.

3 Scents: Lavender, Rose & Ocean
Penis Shaped

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Sensual Bath Oil 100ml Bottle

Welcome to the ultimate in self-care! An enticing blend of all natural oils infused with premium grade hemp seed oil, HIGHONLOVE Sensual Bath Oil releases a calming scent while being quickly absorbed into the skin to nurture and nourish the body. Indulge and let yourself sink into this this Oh-So-Luxurious concoction that will leave your mind and body feeling completely enlightened! To be enjoyed alone or shared with a partner. 100% natural. Made in small batches to guarantee the highest quality.

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Bath Kitten

When you are ready for the ultimate bath time escape lose yourself in the decadent white chocolate and honey aroma of the bubbling bath milk. The luscious formula contains a rich blend of kukui and macadamia nuts oils plus silk proteins to leave your skin feeling soft silky and irresistible to touch. Then turn on the Purring Massage Mitt and transform your bath into a relaxing luxurious and ever so-frisky spa experience.

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Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub With Pheromones 8 Oz

Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub is a rich souffle of skin polishing caviar beads and sugar infused with a sexy secret weapon - a powerful pheromone designed to make you irresistible to the opposite sex. Swirl the decadent whip over your skin and enjoy the soft buttery feel as it buffs and moisturizes your bod. The light raspberry lemon scent layers perfectly with our other Flirty Little Secrets treats.

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