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Bodywand 6 Pc. Holiday Bed Spreader Gift Set

Make this holiday season one you remember.

Celebrate your favorite time of the year with the 6 Pc Holiday Bed Spreader Gift Set.

This gift set comes complete with a Mini Bodywand, Holiday Tickler, Santa Hat, Untie Me Thong, Bed Spreader Restraints, and a Naughty Satin Eye Mask so you can tie your lover up and make them yours forever.

Get ready for the night of your life!

• Battery Powered
• Body safe silicone
• Whisper Quiet

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Xo Kisses and Orgasms Pleasure Kit

More than 100 spine-tingling heart-pounding toe-curling shake-the-bed wake-the-neighbors OHHH my moments possible in every kit. The kit includes two full size containers of the best selling products On Arousal Oil for Her and Strawberry X On the Lipz Buzzing Lip Balm with Pheromones plus they have included a little kissing guide as a bonus.

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Amour Be Mine Cuddle Massager Kit

Amour a romantic collection of sexy kits designed to put a spark into your relationship or start a new one. Nothing says Be Mine quite like a cute plushy teddy bear. Pair it with this powerful waterproof personal massager with 4 interchangeable tips and a 1 oz. bottle of massage oil with pheromones and you have the beginnings of romance. Love just got a little more cuddly.

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Amour Tempt and Tease Romance Kit

Amour a romantic collection of sexy kits designed to put a spark into your relationship or start a new one. Let your imagination run wild with the Tempt and Tease Romance Kit includes stretch to fit satin mask sensual tickler and foreplay dice.

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Pride Play Set

Representation matters... especially in the bedroom! And that’s why we’ve introduced our loud and proud Pride Play Set. With this colorful kit of kinky must-haves, you’ll be able to increase pleasure while exploring your deepest fetish fantasies. Lined with a thick coat of super-soft faux rainbow fur, this duo of BDSM essentials includes and heavy-duty metal cuffs and a multi-use love mask.

Lock your lover up in comfortable restraint with this classic pair of furry cuffs. Featuring the original design of this quintessential kink accessory, these sturdy metal cuffs are made to play hard and will last a lifetime when cared for properly. The locking mechanism is equipped with a quick-release lever just in case you lose the two included keys, while the velvety liners ensure exceptional comfort.

Heighten your senses and experience the thrills of sensory deprivation by using the silky-soft love mask as a blindfold during playtime, or wear it as a sleep mask once you’ve been exhausted by the fun.

When playtime is over, simply store your blindfold and cuffs in a cool, dry, dark place and spot clean only when needed using basic anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Perfect for first-timers and fetish enthusiasts alike, the Pride Play Set is a crucial piece for any bondage toy box – whether it’s only just beginning to grow or could simply use a dash of sunshine and rainbows.

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Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers

Dont bother calling the doctor for this one. Everything you need to turn an ordinary night of sexual healing is included in this romantic kit for lovers. From furry cuffs to naughty coupon book and everything in between this kinky collection has your prescription for plesure. Therapy has never been so much fun...

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Adore Me Pleasure Set

Share this luxurious pleasure set with the one you adore the most and be adored in turn. First indulge in some playful restraint with the silk and suede Sutra Chainlink Cuffs while the Intima Silk Blindfold heightens the senses for what is to come. Then take the pleasures to new heights with Lelos iconic Mia 2 a stylish lipstick-vibe that promises nights with your partner. Set includes Mia 2 Intima Skin Blindfold Sutra Chainlink Cuffs Signature Gift Card Satin Storage Pouch.

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The Accomplice Holiday Gift Set

This three-piece collection is a must-have for the man who demands the ultimate pleasure for him and his partner. Along with the essential water-based Personal Moisturizer, the TOR 2 vibrating couples' ring is a new secret weapon for enhancing sensations felt by both partners, and the revolutionary HEX condom will always have your back to play safe but never sorry.

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Only You Gift Set

Spoil yourself, with this intimate and indulgent collection designed with nothing but your pleasure in mind. Inside, there’s the world-famous SORAYA dual-massager. This iconic pleasure object is not just the most beautiful ever made, it’s one of the most satisfying too. Powerful, quiet, waterproof, rechargeable: it’s nothing short of perfect. Alongside it, you’ll find aromatic petals that melt sensuously in a hot bath, as well as 175ml of water-based personal moisturizer.

• SORAYA Dual Massager
• Fragrant Bath Petals - 12 Piece Gift Box
• 75ml Personal Moisturizer

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Alone Together Gift Set

When it’s time for a little fun with your partner, the Alone Together gift set is perfect. Containing the long-time LELO favorite TOR 2 vibrating ring. Stretchy and comfortable, this powerful ring makes for longer-lasting and more intense sensations. Couple that with NOA, a uniquely intimate pleasure object, and you have nights of passion at your fingertips. Both TOR 2 and NOA are waterproof, rechargeable, powerful and quiet.

• TOR 2 Vibrating Couples’ Ring
• NOA Couples’ Massager

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Open Secret Gift Set

Lose control, with the luxurious Open Secret gift set. Containing the seductive INTIMA silk blindfold and the SUTRA chainlink cuffs, it’s the perfect way to some restraint. On top of that, there’s the powerful but discreet MIA 2 massager for pinpoint pleasure. To complete the sensory adventure, there are 12 aromatic rose petals that melt in the bath for a truly relaxing treatment.

• SUTRA Chainlink Cuffs
• MIA 2 USB-Rechargeable Massager
• INTIMA Silk Blindfold
• Fragrant Bath Petals: 12 Piece Gift Box

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Heaven Scent Gift Set

Arouse all your senses, with this luxurious three-piece set, designed with your indulgence in mind. The ever-popular LILY 2 is a beautiful, powerful and quiet personal massager lightly infused with a body-safe fragrance. To further stimulate your senses, the sensuous Bordeaux & Chocolat Scented Candle is also included, as well as 150ml of smooth, water-based personal moisturizer.

• Bordeaux & Chocolat Scented Candle
• LILY 2 Scented Massager
• 150ml Personal Moisturizer

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The Intent Holiday Gift Set

This three-piece pleasure set tops the list of any woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to take it. Along with our signature Personal Moisturizer, the thrilling INA 2 rabbit-style massager uses two powerful motors to deliver blended orgasms that are greater than the sum of their parts. Want even more? Look no further than the SIRI 2 for a handheld massager offering powerful vibrations that react to music or the sound of a lover's voice.

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The Confession Holiday Gift Set

Are you ready to confess your deepest fantasies? Wireless couples' massager TIANI 3 lets you both experience intense shared sensations, no matter who decides to take control and who wears the luxurious SUTRA silk restraints. Top off this troublesome twosome with our infamous water-based Personal Moisturizer for an unforgettable sensual experience.

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The Alibi Holiday Gift Set

Your secret's safe with us. This discreet three-piece set lets you be naughty while everyone thinks you're playing nice. Both the unassuming lipstick-like MIA 2 massager and the ultra-chic Personal Moisturizer look at home inside or even atop your nightstand. Plus, the LUNA Beads Noir, a seductive take on the world's best selling Ben Wa Balls can be inconspicuously worn in the bedroom and beyond.

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Love Essentials - Romantic Travel Purse - Raspberry Kiss

A petite set of Lama Sutra for impulsive romance. Sized to slip discreetly into a purse or pocket it includes delicate portions of Raspberry Kiss Oil of Love Pleasure Balm Honey Dust Love Liquid Classic and Intensify Plus Warming arousal gel.

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Kama Sutra Sexy Sampler

A sensual collection to arouse and inspire romance. This Sexy Sampler kit is created for adventurous lovers to experience the many pleasures of Kama Sutras most popular products. Sexy Sampler includes Intensifying Plus Warming Oil Of Love Raspberry Kiss Massage Oil Coconut Pineapple Pleasure Balm Spearmint and Pleasure Potion.

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Pure Heart Vanilla Kit

The perfect surprise for any occasion. This PureHeart Kit contains .75 fl. oz. Oil of Love Vanilla Creme, 2 oz. Honey Dust Sweet Honeysuckle, 1.8 fl. oz. Body Souffle French Vanilla Creme, 2 fl. oz. Aromatic Massage Oil Sweet Almond.

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Sweet Heart Strawberry Kit

The perfect surprise for any occasion. This SweetHeart kit contains .75 fl. oz. Oil of Love Strawberry Dreams, 2 oz. Honey Dust Strawberry Dreams, 1.8 fl. oz. Body Souffle Strawberry Creme, and 2 fl. oz. Aromatic Massage Oil Pleasure Garden.

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Dona Be Romanced Gift Set - Naughty Sinful Spring

Unveil you inner beauty and set the stage for an evening of sensual surprises with Dona Be Romanced Gift Set. The aphrodisiac and pheromone infused gift set is specially formulated to enhance your desirability inspire your flirtatious nature and increase your irresistible prowess in the bedroom. So get your Dona on and prepare to embark on a journey of unforgettable pleasures.

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Dona Be Romanced Gift Set - Sassy Tropical Tease

Unveil you inner beauty and set the stage for an evening of sensual surprises with Dona Be Romanced Gift Set. The aphrodisiac and pheromone infused gift set is specially formulated to enhance your desirability inspire your flirtatious nature and increase your irresistible prowess in the bedroom. So get your Dona on and prepare to embark on a journey of unforgettable pleasures.

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Dona Be Romanced Gift Set - Flirty Blushing Berry

Unveil you inner beauty and set the stage for an evening of sensual surprises with Dona Be Romanced Gift Set. The aphrodisiac and pheromone infused gift set is specially formulated to enhance your desirability inspire your flirtatious nature and increase your irresistible prowess in the bedroom. So get your Dona on and prepare to embark on a journey of unforgettable pleasures.

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Dona Let Me Kiss You Massage Gift Set

Transform your lover into a sensual dessert with Dona Kissable Massage Oils. In three intoxicating flavors, DONA Kissable Massage Oil tempts your taste buds as you kiss away tension while awakening your inner siren with aphrodisiacs & pheromones. Be deliciously desirable and savor your intimacy.

These luxurious massage oil relaxes and moisturizes skin with a long-lasting and non-greasy formula.

Set includes three conveniently travel-sized 1 oz. bottles. The kissable flavors are: Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Buttercream, and Strawberry Souffle.

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Dona Let Me Touch You Massage Gift Set

Entrance your lover with Dona Scented Massage Oil. Our Love-struck blend of aphrodisiacs and pheromones and intoxicating aromas will leave skin beautifully scented and irresistible to the touch. Which one are you...

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Our Room Pleasure Me Kit

Discover discreet delights with the Pleasure Me Kit.

Let the subtle movements of the steel weights intensify your ultimate pleasure. Wear day or night... which will you choose?

Gift set includes: 2 stainless steel pleasure balls, flavored H2O lube, and toy cleaner.

  • Availability: In Stock


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Our Room Prepare Me Kit

Create a passionate night in to remember with the Pleasure Me Kit.

Entice your appetite for pleasure and enhance intimacy with these elegant signature JO products.

Gift set includes: H2O flavored lube, toy cleaner, and kissable massage oil.

  • Availability: In Stock


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Our Room Serve Me Kit

Balance the pleasures of punishment with the Serve Me Kit.

Command the best performance from your partner and reward them with the softest touch afterwards. Too fast? Too slow? Your paddle will let them know.

Gift set includes: spanker, satin restraint, flavored H2O lube, kissable body powder, Erotic book of JO, and lover's contract.

  • Availability: In Stock


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Our Room Bind Me Kit

Push the boundaries and earn their trust with the Bind Me Kit.

Enjoy the contrasting pleasures of soft silky ropewith the commanding grasp of k nots. Let the delicate art of rope play keep your muffles of joy restrained ... while you can.

Gift set includes: satin blindfold, silk rope, flavored H2O lube, Volt clitoral stimulant, Prolonger desensitizing spray, Erotic Book of JO, and lover's contract.

  • Availability: In Stock


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Our Room Tempt Me Kit

Magnify your pleasure with the Tempt Me Kit.

Playfully remove the sense of sight and heighten the delight of every other sens ation. Don't just be in the moment, be surprised by the moment ... be taken over by the moment.

Gift set includes: satin blindfold, feather tickler, flavored H2O lube, kissable body pwder, kissable massage oil, Erotic Book of JO, and lover's contract.

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Jo Naughty or Nice Flavored Gift Set

The season of togetherness is coming, add a tasty twist to your holiday cheer with JO® Naughty or Nice Gift Set. Good tidings will certainly be with you once you get a taste of the gingerbread or candy cane… where you will taste them is left up to the imagination. Enjoy the fresh, clean sweetness of a delicious candy cane, or awaken your flavor receptors with a delightfully true- tasting Gingerbread. Both products are sweetened using a pure plant source glycerin which gives it a smooth, silky glide. Great for him as well as for her, the applications and uses are endless!

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Afterdark Gift Set

Dim the lights set the mood with the aphrodisiac scent of this special edition gift set!

Drizzle the AfterGlow Cocoa Fig Natural Massage Candle oil onto the underside of Contour M to warm the ceramic stone to just the right temperature. Turn it over and let it glide across the body, the oil provides the perfect amount of slip.

Once the mood is set, enjoy sensation in stereo with Form 2, the most powerful clitoral vibrator of its size.

Set includes:
Contour M Ceramic Massage Stone
Special Edition Afterglow Natural Massage Candle Cocoa and Fig
Special Edition Holiday Red Form 2

  • Availability: In Stock
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3 Piece Summer Skin Care Bag - Guavalava

An indulgement three-piece collection of fresh summer favorites for a spa moment inspired rituals. Skin care bag includes Glow oil to lubricate your skin with a light and luxurious formula of nourishing moisturizing essential oils. Dare to be bare shave cream and 3-in-1 massage candle.

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