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Ring Leader - Black

Imagine a silky-smooth wave or tiny pleasure paddles caressing her clitoris durin intercourse so you can orgasm together! The Twirly Cock Ring delivers just that. It's the couples ring that deeply satisfies her with a constant gently flicking motion while you get a stronger, longer-lasting erection that stays up until you're ready. Enjoy the double ecstasy together and even play in the tub since it's completely submersible! Clean with Zero Tolerance Toy Cleaner and a warm water rinse.

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Virtual Sex Featherweight Cyberskin Cock & Ass

The Virtual Sex Featherweight CyberSkin Cock & Ass is the most life-like vibrating masturbator available. Technology and texture collide to make this cock and ass feel incredibly real.

He's light weight, but has an ultra realistic size and feel. CyberSkin® covered IsoFoam® Core makes him light and easy to maneuver, but still heavy enough to feel real. EZ Bend design lets you move his 7" (18 cm) Cyber Cock right where you need it. The three dimensional construction allows for realistic sexual positions with the tight anal opening and it's ribbed love tunnel.

Features & Benefits:
7 Function waterproof bullet provides intense vibration.
Core weighs 9.5 pounds.
Touch pad controller with separate on/off button.
CyberSkin® contains no PVC, latex or phthalates.
Includes a free bottle of Renew to keep your CyberSkin® toy fresh and smooth.

Item Dimensions:
Item Width: 12 in. (30.48 cm
Item Height: 10 in. (25.4 cm)
Item Depth: 10 in. (25.4 cm)
Item Weight: 9.42 lb (4.27 kg)

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Tom of Fin Hybrid Lube 8 Oz

This hybrid lube combines the easy clean up and compatibility of water based lube with the lasting smoothness of silicone. The attractive metal bottle can take a beating, while the convenient pump top will cleanly dispense the perfect amount with every squeeze.

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Tom of Fin Water Based Lube 8 Oz

This waterproof lube will slick you up and get you ready for any action. The attractive metal bottle can take a beating, while the convenient pump top will cleanly disperse the perfect amount with every squeeze.

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Tom of Fin. Neoprene Locking Collar

This sturdy neoprene collar offers comfortable restruction with classic style. Double layered for strength and fully adjustable, the band is topped by a locking buckle, with a Tom of Finland padlock and keys included for immediate use. There is also a D-ring attached to the front for a leash.

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Tom of Finland Silicone Cock Ring With 3 Weighted Balls

This set of silicone-coated heavy weighted balls are attached to a firm cock ring, for anal stimulation coupled with erection enhancement. Each weighty ball is smooth and seamless, tethered by a strong silicone cord. Non-porous and body-safe, the silicone material cleans easily and is ideal for long-term wear. The cock ring is thick and effective, with a slight give while

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Tom of Finland 5 Speed Silicone Vibe

This ribbed silicone vibe features 5 speed modes packed into a non-porous skin. The premium material is hypoallergenic and easily sterilized. The semi- phallic shape and ribbed shaft are perfect for anal stimulation.

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Tom of Fin Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug - Xl

This semi-phallic silicone vibe is made of premium materials for body safe enjoyment with an edge. The material is non-porous and easily cleaned with a strong single speed bullet at the base. The shaft is smooth and straight with a softly curved cock head.

• Premium silicone
• Powerful vibration
• Non-porous, smooth exterior

Measurements: 7.75 inches in total length, 6 insertable, 2 inches in diameter at widest point

Note: Requires 1-AAA battery, not included. Free collector card included!

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New (06/30/2022)
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Tom's Cock

The massage cock sports 13 impressive inches, with a full foot of shaft to fill you up. Realistically textured and hand sculpted from original Tom of Finland art works, it has a smooth cock head and slightly arched shaft. The suction cup base lets you stick it to any hard, flat surface to enjoy powerful penetration, hands-free. The TPR material is phthalate-free, designed to be both firm and flexible.

Insertable Length: 12 inches (30.48cm)

Free collector print included!

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Ease-in Anal Dilator Kit

Train yourself up to the majors with this dilator kit. This kit allows you to small and at your own pace step up to a bigger size. Once you get to the last plug, you will be ready to take anything that comes your way.

Length range of 3.25 to 5 inches and diameters of 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch, 1.75 inch and 2 inch.

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Colt the Prowler Vibe - Black

Power packed heavy duty seamless man sized vibrating probe. Secure grip handle

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Colt 7 Function Twin Turbo Bullet

Powerful and versatile, 7 powerful functions of vibration, Plug-in jacks with independent controls. EZ push button control.

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Colt Xtreme Turbo Bullet

Ergonomically designed power pack with universal silver bullet. 2-speed push button control.

5.75 cm. x 2.5 cm.

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Colt Metal 7 Inch

Power-packed vibrators with a smooth, seamless finish.

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Colt Metal 6.25 Inch

Power-packed vibrators with a smooth, seamless finish.

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Colt Waterproof Anal T

Power packed, with smooth Rubber-Cote controller for easy handling and 4 speeds with LED lights.

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Colt Wp Power Cockring

Power packed, with smooth Rubber-Cote controller for easy handling and 4 speeds with LED lights.

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Colt Waterproof Power Bullet

Power packed, with smooth Rubber-Cote controller for easy handling and 4 speeds with LED lights.

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Colt Multi-Speed Power Pak Egg

Handsomely stylish and powerful, the COLT Multi-Speed Power Pak™ Egg is befitting of the COLT name. This intensely satisfying EZ grip power pack offers powerful multi-speed sensations that will have you craving more, more, Crafted from high quality ABS with silver plating, this egg is as powerful as it is good looking. For the ultimate in vibrating pleasure, you can’t beat the COLT Multi-Speed Power Pak™ Egg. This egg will take you to thrilling levels of sensation and enjoyment. Luxuriously hedonistic, the Multi-Speed Power Pak™ Egg provides the perfect way to achieve exciting fantasies and a vibrant experience just pulsating with gratifying enjoyment. Both flexible and durable, for long-lasting gratification, the COLT Multi-Speed Power Pak™ Egg offers powerful sensations for the utmost in sensual pleasure. Whether you’re flying solo or with a partner, this egg offers the versatility that you’ll want for fun and excitement. Also, for maximum enjoyment, always use with a water-based lubricant.

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Colt M/s Power Pak Bullet

Versatile vibrating stimulators. EZ grip power pak. Powerful multi-speed.

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Colt Power Stroker

Super tight and stretchy masturbator for an explosive hand job. Vacuum suction shaft

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Colt Beaded Stroker Masturbator

Super tight, soft, and stretchy masturbator. Two rows of strategically placed power beads for added stimulation. Ribbed chamber for superior suction.

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Colt Man Butt Masturbator

Full size life-like look and feel Pureskin masturbator. Tight and stretchy with ribbed chamber. Ergonomic grip.

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Colt Hand Job Stroker

Super-stretchy, hygienically superior, soft masturbator Stimulating ticklers

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Colt Shower Shot Water Dong

For the ultimate anal douche, the COLT Shower Shot attaches easily to any shower for a high quality bang-able experience. Featuring a removable, perforated, jelly-soft, dong shaped nozzle that connects to almost any shower, this douche is as effective as it is fun. Cleaning will be non-stop fun with the Shower Shot, as it provides all the stimulation of a hot cock but leaving you fresh like never before.

It looks sleek and feels good as it cleans. COLT Shower Shot anal douche is a man-sized, premium cleaning system that offers comfort and reach. This reusable douche is long lasting and pliable.
With the COLT Shower Shot, you'll have a delicious and sensual douching experience just waiting for you to enjoy every time you step into the shower.

• Waterproof and Phthalate Free
• Universal Water Hose w/Rubber Washers
• Measurements: 3" x 4.5" x 11.5" (7.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 29.25 cm), 6.5" (16.5 cm) - Dong

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Colt Anal Douche

Easy-to-use cleaning system designed for comfort and simplicity. Dual tips for versatile use. EZ squeeze bulb.

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Colt Bum Buddy - Black

Man sized premium cleaning system holds up to 15.5 fl oz. Oversized easy squeeze Silicone bulb. Disassembles for easy cleaning. Ergonomically curved for comfort and reach. Fill with warm water or your favorite liquid.

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Colt the Guyser Anal Douche

Reusable douche with a soft tip for firm comfort. EZ squeeze bulb. Easy to assemble, clean, and use.

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Colt Big Man Cleanser

Firm yet pliable spiraled cleanser probe. Generously sized EZ squeeze bulb.

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Colt XL Big Boy - Black

Premium solid silicone man sized probe. Smooth and seamless. Hygienically superior and body safe. Sturdy base.

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Colt Big Boy - Black

Premium solid silicone man sized probe. Smooth and seamless. Hygienically superior and body safe. Sturdy base.

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Colt Anal Trainer Kit

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Always be ready by using the COLT® Anal Trainer Kit™.

Three graduated sizes of anal plugs, from 1" to 1.5" wide, will help you to be stretching with pliable yet firm high quality phthalate-free PVC. Choose the right size for you to get started in your regimen, and slowly get familiar with the exhilarating sensation for fulfilling anal play.

So if you want to expand your horizons, the COLT® Anal Trainer Kit™ offers just what will need to start the fun and excitement. This kit is the best warm-up for anal penetration.

With a design that's entirely created with your needs in mind, you'll get exactly the sensation you want and pleasure you crave with the COLT® Anal Trainer Kit™. So get ready and get set for the most satisfying anal experience around.

Don't forget the water-based lube, as it will be essential for a smooth ride all the way through.

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