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10 Bachelorette Challenges - Vertical

The Bachelorette Challenges Booklet contains 10 dares that the bachelorette must do in order to become part of the Married Womens association. Dares include finding a man wearing sandals with socks and kissing him and asking a man for a condom and blowing it up. These bachelorette party dares are best done at a bar because they will require the bride to interact with a number of men.

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Pleasure Coupons for Her

This coupon book is a gift for her pleasure. She presents her partner with a coupon of her choice and her lover will be more than willing to grant her request.

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Pleasure Coupons for Him

10 delicious ways to pleasure him. This coupon book is a gift for him.

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Sexual Fantasies Coupons

10 sexual fantasies to spice up your sex life.

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Sexual Treats for Him Vouchers

10 sexual favors for his greatest pleasure.

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Sexual Positions Vouchers

The most fun you will ever have exchanging vouchers. 10 vouchers with a fun comic couple in anything but Kama Sutra positions like The Star, The Black Bee, The Crab Legs, The Panda Hug, The Monkey Business, and more!

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Sexual Fantasy Vouchers

These vouchers are designed like a check book. Fill out the details for who it is for and then give it to whoever takes your fancy. These vouchers can be given by both men and women.

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Sexy for Her Vouchers

Sexy Vouchers for Her - 10 Sexual favors for her greatest pleasure. 10 Sexy voucher for her includes A bubble bath - sponging included. An hour long erotic massage Blindfolded teasing session Sex whenever wherever you desire A striptease with extras. Oral session Masturbation session Gently sit on my face. Use and abuse me 2 orgasms - without me falling asleep in between.

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Triple-X Vouchers

These vouchers are designed to get you and partner in the mood. Each vouchers entiles you or your partner to a really hot sexual treat.

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Blow Job Vouchers

Suprise your special someone with 10 unforgettable treats including whipped cream in the kitchen first thing in the morning and more. Booklet allows you to personalize each voucher and notifies recipient that it cannot be used with anyone else. Add a bit of fun to every moment with these Blowjob Vouchers.

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Love Vouchers for Him & Her

Keep Love Vouchers on hand at all times to give to your sweetie for redemption now or later. Full of steamy sexual treats they are perfect for him and her.

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Quickie Jars - 12 Piece Display

One week of quickies. A new suprise each day . Pack of 12.

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Quickie Jar - Each

One week of quickies. A new suprise each day .

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Sex! Coupons

Twenty romantic sex coupons to give to your lover whenever you are feeling generous.. and in the mood for hot sex. Each coupon offers a unique sexual position.

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Checks for Lovers

When you wish to maintain a healthier balance in your love life account. Present your lover with a check. Fill out a pink check if you are giving it it to a woman and purple check if you are giving it to a man. Use the for Line to specify a time location duration or other details. Sign it and submit it to your lover for payment on some days it is necessary to maintain your balance by also filling out and submit a deposit.

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A Year of Kama Sutra

Each week select a tip card to share with your lover. Alternate For Him and For Her techniques. Begin with enjoying some foreplay and sensual techniques and advance thoughout the year to more creative and challenging love-making techniques. The results are absolutely orgasmic.

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Display His + Hers X Rated Coupons - 36pcs

His and Hers X-Rated Coupon book will get the two of you hot and heavy and definitely in the mood. These coupons are designed to get you right where you want to be naked. Give your lover the coupon your in the mood for and your lover will only oblige.

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Display Hugs N Kisses Coupon Books - 36pc

Each coupon has different request from dates chores couple time romantic alone time to getting out of The Dog House free card plus so much more. Get 2 hours of undivided attention from your partner or a 20 minute massage. This coupon book covers a variety of couple based tasks and quality time spent.

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Lover's Lotto Game - Bulk

Everyone's a winner with Lovers Lotto!

Scratch off WHERE, WHEN, and WHAT to see what develops: "what" body part, position, or action; "where" to perform - hot tub, bedroom, front lawn; and "when" to perform, will it be during a movie, at 2am... who knows?

All you have to do is scratch, read, and participate!

12 scratchers included.

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Bride-to-Be Naughty Pursey

Whenever the Bride-to-Be sees a guy who might be willing to have some fun she reaches into her Naughty Pursey and selects a voucher. She signs it and hand it over to the guy and lets him know that he has only a limited time tonight to redeem it. The Bride-to-Be should assign all vouchers and her friends should help recruit guys to participate.

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Whip, Bind, & Scratch Tickets

Sexy BDSM-stlyed actions await to be acted out with each of the 8 winning scratch tickets. Match 3 and the winner gets to interpret the matching action that is listed.

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Once, twice, or as often as you like, you and your lover each exchange a secret I.O.U. card. Share your erotic surprise with one another and follow the instructions inside. With the I.O.U game you'll learn new bedroom tricks, and variations on the old ones.

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