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Bride-to-Be Naughty Tiara Set

A hilarious bachelorette party accessory! Bride-To-Be Naughty Tiara Set includes 1 glistening tiara with veil and 4 shimmering platinum tiaras. Flexible adjustable headband cord for a one size fits all fit.

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Bride-to-Be Party Naughty Tiara

A hilarious bachelorette party accessory! The Bride-To-Be Naughty Tiara has an adjustable headband cord that is flexible for a one size fits all fit. Glitter pink tiara with pecker detail. "BRIDE" written in silver glitter.

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Bride-to-Be Party Tiara Set

The perfect bachelorette party accessory! Bride-To-Be Party Tiara Set includes 1 glittering bride tiara with veil and 4 sparkling bridesmaid tiaras. Flexible adjustable headband cord for a one size fits all fit.

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Bar Glass Veil

Here comes the drink! This veil fits all standard wine and bar glasses. Includes: Includes: 1 veil with elastic band.

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Stylish Veil

The bride-to-be is sure to get plenty of attention from guests and other people at the bar or party with this veil! Includes: blue veil with silver rings sewn on.

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Melting Rose Petals

Enjoy a romantic bath with your partner, or a relaxing bath for yourself. Melting Rose Petals are rose-scented and feel like real rose petals.

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Deluxe Glitter Team Bride Sash - Gold and Black

Deluxe Glitter Team Bride Sash, Gold & Black.

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Deluxe Glitter Bride Tribe Sash - Gold and Black

Deluxe Glitter Bride Tribe Sash, Gold & Black.

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Deluxe Glitter Bride to Be Sash - Black and Gold

Deluxe Glitter Bride To Be Sash, Gold & Black.

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Inflatable Picture Frame - Gold

Inflatable Picture Frame, Gold, 80cm/31in

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White and Gold Bride Headband With Viel

Bride Headband, White, with Veil & Marabou Feathers.

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Hen Party Pin Badges - White and Gold - Pack of 5

Hen Party Pin Badges, White & Gold, Pack of 5.

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Soon to Be Married Af

A sparkling addition to your Bachelorette's wardrobe that's sure to garner attention wherever she goes! This 6ft long sash is adjustable to fit most.

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Gettin' Hitched Clip-on Cowgirl Bride Party Hat

This adorable clip-on cowgirl hat will make your Bride-to-be stand out like a rodeo queen! A fun way to celebrate "Yee-ha I'm gettin' hitched!" Two clips attach mini cowboy hat securely to hair.

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Gettin' Hitched Bride Party Sash - Sparkle Pink

On your special night out with your bridal posse let everyone know who the Darlin' Bride is! Your Bride-to-Be will be the center of attention wearing this 6 ft. long sash. Pin on condoms or candy for more fun. Safety pin included.

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Cupcake Set - Bridal Wrappers & Toppers

These fun cupcake sets are sure to get any party on the right track. Each set includes 24 cupcake wrappers and 24 toppers, 4 different designs.

Bridal cupcake wrappers read "Happily Ever After." Toppers show image of engagement ring that reads "I do!," image of a wedding cake, groom and bride, and two cups of champange.

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