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Bride or Die Sash - Black

A sparkling sash for the Bride-to-be that rides on the wild side! Sure to garner attention where ever you wear it. This 6 ft long sash is adjustable to fit most fiancees. For additional fun, pin on condoms or candy! Go out and show off your free spirited union. Saftey pin included.

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Glitterati Bride Sash - White

The Glitterati Bride Sash is a sparkling addition to your bachelorette or bridal party wardrobe. Enhance your night and ensure you will be the center of attention with this 68" (172.72 cm) sash. Elevate your bachelorette or anniversary party to VIP status, our on-trend Glitterati line of party goods that are playful yet refined and sophisticated.

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Gliterati Penis Bottle Opener

An elegant accessory for bachelorette party that can be cherished used for year to come. The beautifully crafted Same Penis Forever bottle opener will be the added touch of style and sophistication.

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Glitterati Penis Drinking Glass Set of 4 - 6 Oz

Penis Shaped Drinking Glasses. For your festivities add a little penis to your party! Make your favorite beverage dicktastic!

This set of 4 penis shaped glasses are perfect for bachelorette celebrations. Each glass measures 5.5" (13.97 cm) tall and holds 6oz. This is one of newest additions to the Glitterati line of party products. Complete the look with coordinating balloons, candles and more!

• 4 clear penis glasses
• 6 oz
• 1 filling funnel
• 4 straws

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Glitterati Silly Penis Straws 8 Ct

Be ready with this set of 8 penis shaped silly straws. The newest addition to the Glitterati line of bachelorette party gear, these colorful reusable straws are a must have!

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Glitterati Same Penis Balloon Banner - Pink

A naughty party decoration. Glitterati penis party balloon banner.

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Glitterati Bride Straw

Designed for the Bride with impeccable taste, style and class, this 10 inch Bride twisty straw will elevate your next Bachelorette or Anniversary party to VIP status. On-trend for this wedding season the Glitterati line of party goods are playful yet refined and sophisticated. Make sure you complete the look with coordinating Glitterati balloons, plates, napkins and more!

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Glitterati Bride Veil - White

Designed for the bride with impeccable taste, style and class the Glitterati Bride Veil is made with high quality double layered 22 inch fine tulle with rose gold stamped “Bride”. Get the coordinating Glitterati Bride Sash to complete your look. Elevate your next Bachelorette or Anniversary party to VIP status, our on-trend Glitterati line of party goods that are playful yet refine and sophisticated.

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Glitterati Penis Party Balloon - Rose Gold

Glitterati Penis Party Balloon a naughty party decoration

• Rose gold
• 3 Ft mylar balloon

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Super Fun Penis Shot Glasses

Celebrate your big day in style with Super Fun Penis Shot Glasses. These adorable little dicks will make taking your favorite shot even more fun.

• Contains 2 plastic penis shot glasses
• Gulp it down

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Stylish Veil

The bride-to-be is sure to get plenty of attention from guests and other people at the bar or party with this veil! Includes: blue veil with silver rings sewn on.

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Melting Rose Petals

Enjoy a romantic bath with your partner, or a relaxing bath for yourself. Melting Rose Petals are rose-scented and feel like real rose petals.

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New (06/05/2024)
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Big Pecker Sports Bottle 16 Oz

Dicky Chug Sports Bottle. Enjoy your favorite beverage while amusing your friends... anywhere, anytime.

• 16 oz capacity
• Fill with your favorite beverage
• Sturdy design
• Sports-top for freshness
• Hilarious pecker shape
• Novelty

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Deluxe Glitter Bride to Be Sash - Black and Gold

Deluxe Glitter Bride To Be Sash, Gold & Black.

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White and Gold Bride Headband With Veil

Bride Headband, White, with Veil & Marabou Feathers.

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