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Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag - Purple Ts1498-6

Phthalate free translucent 45 mm purple bag gag. Fully adjustable with quick release closure. Silky rope texture will not chafe or damage delicate skin. Quality tested, high-tensile construction. Perfect for both beginners and experienced players. Japanese Silk Love Rope. Bondage booklet included.

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Fantasy Gag Black

Because silicone is tasteless and odorless, it is ideal for insertion in the mouth. The Fantasy Gag is perfect for those fixated on oral pleasures. The straps are leather and snap off so you can wash the silicone: it's boilable, bleachable in a 10% solution and dishwasher safe. Velcro on the straps allow for maximum adjustment for head size and ease of fitting.

Diameter: 2.5"
Length: 1.5"

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Sensory Deprivation Hood with Open Mouth Gag

Confine your pet in a blackout hood that deprives them of sight, sound, and speech! This hood includes lacing at the back and three buckles, including the collar, that allow you to customize the fit and bind your lover in tight confinement. The padded blindfold portion is comfortable and ensures that they will have no idea what you have in store for them as you punish, please, and tease their vulnerable body. The holes at the nose allow for unrestricted breathing, but the ear area is completely closed so that they will hear only muffled sounds around them that will leave them helpless to your desires. The unique mouth feature pushes into their mouth like a ring-gag, opening them up so that they are unable to speak and all their moans and gasps will be muffled, particularly with the plug in place. Remove the plug to open them up to your preferred violation. A D-ring on the collar gives you the option to attach a leash, clamps, or a variety of other BDSM accessories.

Measurements: Mouth hole is 1.5 inches in diameter, 1.25 inches insertable. Collar adjusts from 14 to 19 inches in circumference. Head straps adjust from 26 to 32 inches in circumference.

Material: PU leather, metal.

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Silicone Ball Gag W/nipple Clamps

Alter the atmosphere within your bedroom with just one toy! This 2-in-1 BDSM contraption will have your lover acting like the good submissive that you crave . Stuff their mouth with a silicone ball gag, taking away their ability to speak and leaving them feeling helplessly sexy. Your slave will love knowing that you are entirely in control when you adjust the back to their perfect size and trap them with the locking buckle. The nipple clamps that dangle from the gag are also adjustable, giving you the option to tease your play thing with a light pressure, or satisfy their masochism with a tight pinch! Savor the muffled sounds of their pleasure and pain through this unique gag.

Measurements: Strap adjusts from 16 to 22.5 inches in circumference. Ball diameter is 1.65 inches. Each chain measures 14 inches in length.

Material: Silicone, PU leather, metal.

Note: Lock and 2 keys included.

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Claw Hook Mouth Spreader

Pry that slutty mouth open with this intimidating spreader! Place the rounded tips in either side of their mouth and then adjust the strap until their lips are pulled taut. Their unique vulnerability and humiliation will fuel your arousal. A locking buckle allows you to trap them in the vice, leaving their mouth open for whatever invasion your devious mind can think up! Treat yourself a sweet desperation from your lover.

Measurements: Each claw is 2.4 inches in length and the forks are 1 inch apart, strap measures 12.5 inches in length.

Material: PU leather, metal.

Note: Lock not included.

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Xl Silicone Ball Gag

Pry your submissives mouth wider than with any ball gag you have used in the past! The astounding 2 inch diameter of this ball gag is just the right size to stuff into that bratty mouth to shut your slave up! Made of premium and phthalate-free silicone, there is no odor or taste so that your partner stays in the sexy headspace you want them in. A locking buckle allows you to keep your play thing trapped in an oral predicament! You will love the sounds of their moans and gasps as they are muffled through this enormous ball gag. The adjustable strap makes this gag perfect for all sizes.

Measurements: 2 inch ball diameter. Strap adjusts from 18 inches to 22 inches.

Material: Silicone, PU leather, metal.

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Head Harness + Ball Gag 1.65"

This Head Harness with Ball Gag features:
-Travel Ready
-Adjustable Straps
-1.65" Diameter Ball Gag
-Tasteless/Odorless Ball Gag

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Blindfold Harness + Ball Gag

Take away two of your playthings most essential senses when you wrap their head in a devious bondage device! This head harness uses a blindfold to effectively blind your lover while you play with them. They will not know whats coming as you tickle, lick, spank, tease, and please. Every sensation will be amplified! Wedge the ball gag in their mouth to also take away their ability to speak! Every moan will be muffled through the gag, but they won’t be able to beg for more as you take things at your own pace. Impress your lover with your abilities as they are left helpless. You will love how they look in this sexy and restrictive head harness!

Measurements: Head harness circumference adjusts up to 23 inches. Chin strap circumference adjusts up to 7.5 inches. Ball gag diameter is 1.65 inches.

Material: PU leather, metal, TPR.

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Muzzle Harness With Ball Gag

Shut up your pet with a unique muzzle gag! Wrap your slaves head in this devious head harness to be instantly turned on, just by seeing their helplessness. They will look up at you through worshipful eyes, while you play with their body in whatever way you desire. Listen to their muffled moans and gasps through the muzzle as you please, tease, and torment. Inside the muzzle is a ball gag that can be removed, depending on how you want to play.

Measurements: Gag measures 2 inches in diameter. All straps adjust to fit most sizes.

Material: PU leather, metal, TPR.

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Manbound Breathable Ball Gag

Shut up! Strong, sturdy and yet very comfortable. The red stitched fabric strap adjusts with a buckle while the breathable ball is a great size for beginners.

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Midnight Lace Bit Gag

The sensation of the soft and inviting fabric of fine lace against your cheeks excites.

Ingredients: 64% polyester, 22% polyurethane, 10% citrate, 4% spandex

Includes: (1) 53 inch (134.62cm) Lace bit gag

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Sexperiments Switch Out Silencer Kit

Silence your partner in style with the Switch Out Silencer kit. Whether you like it hard or soft or want a breathable ball gag, this kit has it all – including a lockable buckle with lock and keys. This kit is exciting for the novice and is comfortable but effective for your level of experience. The breathable ball gag is perfect for those ready to push their boundaries. Kit includes ball gag with 3 interchangeable attachments - Bite Down Hard Bit Soft Full Mouth Muffer Bit Breathable Ball Gag and lock and keys.

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Sex and Mischief Solid Red Ball Gag

Take charge of your lover and enjoy the silence with this red soft rubber breathable ball. 2 inches in diameter with a 26 inch vinyl strap.

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Sex and Mischief Breathable Ball Gag

Take charge of your lover and enjoy the silence with this black plastic breathable ball. 2 inches in diameter with a 26 inch vinyl strap.

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Sex and Mischief Hush Ball Gag

This high fashion, stylish design, breathable ball gag is a high end accessory at a low end price. Accesible to all consumers, beginner to advanced. Think of it as a blindfold for your mouth.

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Sex and Mischief Submit to Silence Kit

Your bondage essentials kit just got naughtier!

Play to the element of surprise with the soft, silky blindfold. The small, breathable ball gag keeps you comfortably silent. The bondage tape only sticks to itself, not your skin, for pain-free restraint play.

Kit includes:
1 Ball gag, 1.75 in. (4.45 cm.) diameter.
1 Satin blindfold.
1 Roll of bondage tape, 50 in. (38.1 cm.) in length and 1.9 in. (4.8 cm.) in width.

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Sex and Mischief Silky Bit Gag

The Sex & Mischief Silky Bit Gag is pliable for beginners and sturdy enough for advanced play. The silky sash ties comfortably and fits all couples. Slide out the bit gag and use the sash alone as a gag or for restraint play.

Washes easily by hand.
Polyester sash with citrate plastic gag.

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Ball Gag Black

Paint free with a sturdy strap and easy release cinch

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Ball Gag Red

Paint free with a sturdy strap and easy release cinch

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Silicone Ball Gag Red

Fully adjustable and comfortable. Hygienically superior Silicone.

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Silicone Ball Gag Black

Fully adjustable and comfortable. Hygienically superior Silicone.

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Entice - Open Mouth Gag

Open mouth gag with designer accents. Adjustable buckle closure with 2 interchangeable rings Nickel-Free iron plus rubber. Hand made

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Scandal Bed Restraint Kit

Scandalous desires reach new heights with this sultry kit. An erotic eye mask forces the wearer to relinquish sight. While the breathable, adjustable ball gag not only silences its wearer, but puts them in a vulnerable state of complete surrender. Paired with immobilizing bed restraints, the submissive is left in complete surrender to the wills of the dominant.

Materials: Polyester (fabric)
Nickel-Free Iron (D-rings, rings, rivets)
PP (straps)
PE (ball gag)
POM (buckles)

Bed straps adjust up to 143” /363.25 cm
Cuffs adjust up to 14.5”/ 36.75 cm
Gag adjust up to 25”/63.5 cm
1.75”/4.5 cm (ball diameter)

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Scandal Open Mouth Gag With Clamps

Luxurious open mouth gag. Adjustable buckle closure with 2 interchangeable rings - Nickle free iron plus rubber. Handmade double padded and double stitched with designer accents. Soft and plushy on one side with designer fabric on the other. Adjusts up to 23.5-inches. Includes two fully adjustable and detachable multi-use clamps with soft comfortable pads. High quality tiered chain.

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Scandal Breathable Ball Gag With Cuffs

Cuffed and restriced, the dominant can explore adventurously while the submissive is bound and gagged with the Scandal Breathable Ball Gag with Cuffs. The versatile cuffs offer different degrees of motion allowing both the dominant and submissive to reach new levels of fetish play. Foreplay has never been more scandalous.

Material: Polyester (fabric, Velcro)
PE (ball gag)
PP (straps)
Nickel-Free Iron (rings)
Nickel-Free Alloy (clasps)
POM (buckle)

Gag collar adjust up to 26”/ 66 cm.
Cuffs adjust up to 14”/ 35.5 cm

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Scandal Ball Gag

There is a deep intimacy that comes with absolute trust. A ball gag does more than just silence its wearer it creates a vulnerable state in which one can truly yield to a trusted lover.

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Scandal Bar Gag

Comfortable pliable bar gag. Double padded double stitched luxurious designer fabric ties.

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Bound by Diamonds Open Ring Gag

Fetish playwear with 3 interchangeable ring sizes and adjustable cinch strap Exquisite diamond detail

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Diamond Ball Gag

In exquisite collection of seductive fetish gear hand-crafted in soft supple patent leather then adorned with lustrous white crystals. Seductive adjustable cinch strap with soft and sensual designer ball.

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Ours Fetish Kit

Go beyond conventional play with the Fetish Kit. There is a deep intimacy that comes with absolute trust. Surrender the senses and give into desire with this erotic set of universal restraints, adjustable and breathable ball gag, nipple suckers, teasing feather, and blackout eye mask. Take your fantasies to the edge.

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First Time Fetish O Ring Gag

First Time Fetish .. A high quality collection of Playful Fetish Gear Designed for First Time or Experienced Users.. Comfortable adjustable cinch design. Includes 3 interchangeable rings for a comfortable fit.

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Sexy Seduction Ball Gag

Say nothing. Just breathe with spoken silence through your eyes the hush will speak loudly as your eyes say it all. Pair your naughty night with the matching blindfold to only hear your partners silky voice as he whispers in your ear.

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