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Zolo Twist Cobra

Introducing the new, adjustable and reusable ZOLO TWIST, the most versatile male masturbator.

Easy to use instructions:
Remove the cap and slowly insert your manhood into the hole inch by inch. Enjoy each sensation of the canal. When ready, insert as deep as possible for the ultimate ZOLO TWIST cup experience.

- Experience intense sensations
- With motion lotion for ultimate pleasure
- Life like canal
- Great for travel
- Easy to Clean
- Adustable Size

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Personal Trainer Cup

Become a bedroom champion. Improve your performance in the bedroom with the Personal Trainer Zolo Cup. Designed to give you the practice to make you the perfect bedroom champion. The Personal Trainer features an ergonomic shape giving you the ultimate grip and you control the level of tightness of the life-like textured inner channel by adjusting suction simply with your finger.

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Pocket Pool Straight Shooter

Take control of the pleasure game with Straight Shooter Zolo Pocket Pool. Designed to take you straight to ecstasy the Straight Shooter features an intricate which makes which makes sure you are enveloped in pleasure from start to finish. Small and pocket sized for life on the move.

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Pocket Pool Sure Shot

Place your bets on the Sure Shot Zolo Pocket Polo. The 5 Point star texture ensures that you are covered from all angles. Pocket sized for on the go pleasure the Sure Shot unleashes orgasmic sensations with uniquely textured snug sleeve.

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Pocket Zolo Susie Cue

You are guaranteed to a score with the Susie Cue Zolo Pocket Pool. With a unique diamond texture this compact charmer features a snug inner channel that fits right in your pocket.

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Pocket Pool Rack Em

Its game on with Rack Em Zolo Pocket Pool. Featuring a unique ribbed dome-imprinted texture the Rack Em Zolo Pocket Polo features a snug soft inner channel that is encased in a compact cue ball-shaped container for the man on the go.

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Pocket Pool Corner Pocket

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of nailing a corner pocket. The layered textures of Corner Pocket Zolo Pool Ball makes this one ball you will never want to drop. The ascending ridges ensure your tip with the focus of the game.

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Pocket Pool 8 Ball

Known as the one to make or break your game the 8-Ball Zolo Pocket Pool is deeply ribbed to capture your money shot. Compact enough to fit your pocket the 8-Ball Zolo Pocket Pool features a snug specially textured inner channel.

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Original Cup

The tried-and-true Original Zolo Cup is the one that started it all introducing men to a whole new pleasurable experience created by a grip-perfecting ergonomic shape and snug textured inner channel. The Original puts you in control by allowing you to adjust suction simply with your finger.

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The Girlfriend Cup

The Girlfriend Zolo Cup is the best girlfriend you will ever have the one you will want to settle down with. Ergonomically designed to provide excellent grip The Girlfriends ribbed inner channel mimics the softness of a woman. Featuring a fingertip suction control hole for the ultimate customizable fit.

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Fire Cup

Playing with fire has never been so satisfying. The warmest sex you will ever have The Fire Zolo Cup offers an arousing warming sensation and uniquely textured channel that works enticing friction for a realistic red-hot sexual experience. The Fire Zolo Cup is ergonomically designed to provide the perfect grip to reach your climax and suction control with the simple touch of your fingertip.

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Deep Throat Cup

The Deep Throat Zolo Cup replicates the intimate intricacies of oral pleasure. Ergonomically shaped to give you the perfect grip the Deep Throat Zolo Cup features a ribbed inner channel that will be the best sex you ever have. Control the tightness of the Deep Throat by adjusting suction using the simple pressure of your fingertip.

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Backdoor Cup

Tantalizingly taboo anal sex has never felt better than with the Back Door Zolo Cup. This will be the best anal sex you ever have. Tightly ribbed texture that mimics the sensations of anal sex. The Back Door Zolo Cup is ergonomically shaped to provide the necessary grip for the ultimate pleasure. Control the tightness of the inner textured channel by adjusting suction simply with your finger.

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Zero Tolerance Perfect Stroke on the Go

- Travel Size vibrating masturbator to take "on the go"
- Includes rechargeable bullet 10 powerful speeds and functions
- Patented Accumulation Technology
- Sucks and stroke flaccid and erect penises
- Experience full body orgasms
- Perfect for erectile dysfunction
- Ejactualte flaccid or erect
- Custom tapered stroker for life-like feel
- Phtalate and latex free

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Shell Shock Rechargeable Vibrating Stroker

Equip your arsenal with an ammo-grip stroker! Shell Shock's durable bullet-shaped canister fits comfortably in your hand, and the realistic full-color vaginal lips tucked inside like a sweet suprise feel just like the real thing - with the added vibrations of your choice. With a feature length adult movie and free lube to give you inspiration, let the soft, stretchy chamber hold you tight, even underwater as it's completely submersible.

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X-Treme Entry

Zero Tolerance is always looking for ways to give men the ultimate realistic fantasy experience, and this double stroker delivers a double-entry that mimics the real thing! There's nothing like that feeling of penetrating super soft vagina lips to get that inner entry where the delicious tightness begins, and that's the goal of this super-stretchy stroker that features lips to pass through before the second entry. The corkscrew inner channel feels nice and snug while you stroke and it comes with free lube and a movie download for inspiration!

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Super Star Glory Holes Flesh

Super soft tight feel masturbation sleeve with unique inner channels for optimal masturbation. Ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly in hand. 10 scene original DVD masturbation combo.

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Pop Rechargeable Compact Stroker

Let your fantasies run wild with this ergonomic cylinder-shaped mini-stroker that's perfect for taking with you when you travel. Its intense vibrations send you over the edge even while you're in the shower of bath since it's completely submersible! Boost your imagination even more by watching the free adult movie download included and enjoy the swirly nubbed chamber that delivers extra sensations.

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Zero Tolerance Snap Rechargeable Compact Stroker

This egg-shaped vibrating mini-stroker fits comfortably in your hand, and comes with a free adult movie to boost your personal fantasies! With a rechargeable durable bullet that removes easily for charging and cleaning it different ways, inculding in the bath or shower. Find the right vibration spot for you by orienting it different ways, and dont be afraid to take your new pal with you when you travel since it's so discreet, and rechargeable.

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Zero Tolerance Crackle Rechargeable Masturbation Sleeve

Get your fantasies in hand with this mini-stroker you can hold comfortably with a groove in the middle for a finger to rest. The swirly nubbed chamber adds intense sensation as you stroke, indulging your fantasies with the free movie download inclided. Let the vibrations of the durable rechargeable bullet give you the inspiration you need to satisfy your desires, even when you're in the bath or shower, since this toy is completely submersible!

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Black Glory Holes Black

Super soft tight feel masturbation sleeve with unique inner channels for optimal masturbation. Ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly in hand. 10 scene orginal DVD masturbation combo.

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The Vortex Masturbation Sleeve

It's the stroker that tightens right where you need it! Let your imagination run wild with the life-like grip of the center pleasure ring that squeezes just like the real thing! With two nice and tight channels to choose from groove textures that will throw you over the edge, the super soft TPE stretches up to meet you with every stroke.

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Zero Tolerance the Bomb Masturbator Cocktail

The Bomb Masturbator Cocktail Bomb male stroker. These uniquely rounded strokers are made from a super stretchy material that snugly hugs and then extends, giving in and springing back with a tantalizing feel! Simply pour lubricant into the ball, slip inside and start stroking! You will love the way the material bounces up to greet you and surrounds you with supple yet firm discover why these strokers are truly the bomb! Body safe materials Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE.

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Real Mouth Stroker

Realistic stroker with tongue. Life-like throat and palate ridges. Satisfies deep throat blowjob fantasies. Tongue extends out for underside stimulation.

• Made from soft and flexible TPE
• Open ended for easy clean up
• Length: 6.5", Width: 4", Depth: 2.65", Weight: 15.2 oz.
• Latex & Phthalate free
• Waterproof

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Threesomes Reversible Stroker

Two experiences in one toy. Erotic ridges on one side with wild pleasure nubs on the other side. Made from stretchy & soft TPE. Openings on both ends for flexibility & comfort.

• Toy length: 4.75", Width: 2", Pleasure Nubs: .5", openings: 1.5" wide
• Latex & phthalate free
• Includes 3 Hour All 3-Way DVD and water-based Zero Tolerance lube

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Bomb Masturbator 12ct Display

These uniquely rounded strokers are made from a super-stretchy material that snugly hugs and then extends, giving in and springing back with a tantalizing feel! Simply pour lubricant into the ball, slip inside and start stroking! You’ll love the way the material bounces up to greet you and surrounds you with supple yet firm pressure! Experience mind-blowing orgasms exactly when you want them and discover why these strokers are truly ‘da bomb!’

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Zolo Stealth

Ergonomic design.
Simple intensity controls for one-handed use.
Internal texture for heightened sensation.
Easy to cleanm removable sleeve.
Performance sensors allow vibrations to build on contact with your body and the intensity increases naturally as you penetrate.
8 Vibration modes / 7 Vibrating Speeds
2 Hours of charge = 1.5 hours of pleasure

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Zolo Thrustbuster

Automatic stroking means you don't need to manually thurst.
Easy to clean with removable sleeve.
4 thursting modes for varied sensation.
Life-like feeling with flexible sleeve.
Mimics the sensation of sliding in and out of a real vagina.
Built in erotic sounds for added stimulation.
3.5 hours of charge = 1 hour of pleasure.

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Zolo Vibrating Cockpit Stroker

Powerful deep intense vibrations
Accommodates all sizes
Flexible squeezable design, can be used one-handed
Ergonomic easy grip non-slip finishing squeezable to adjust desired sensation
Rechargeable and waterproof shower friendly
7 vibration modes

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Zolo Solo Flesh Discreet Suction Mounted Masturbator

For Hands Free Pleasure
Suction Cup Sticks to Any Smooth Surface
Rubberized Nonslip Exterior For Comfortable Grip
Slip & Slide inside with Soft Sleeve Material
Hand Outter Case Prevents Accidental Damage to Masturbator

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Zolo Strokermaster Squeezeable Male Masturbator

Textured unltrarealistic masterbator.
Pressure pads allow for customized play.
Rubberized nonslip exterior for comfrotable grip.
Slip & Slide inside with soft sleeve material.
Easy to clean & wash.
Made from phthalate free & body-safe materials.

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New (06/29/2020)
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Trio Stroker Pussy Ass Mouth Masturbator Kit - Flesh

Cloud 9 Trio Stroker Pussy, Ass, Mouth Masturbator Kit with bonus drying pouch. Color Flesh Beige. The Cloud 9 Novelties Pleasure Pocket Strokers are compact and ergonomically designed to fit into your hand. Each pleasure pocket stroker features a velvety smooth realistic feel masturbator with a ribbed tunnel for your pleasure. Trio includes one each: realistic pussy, realistic ass and realistic mouth.

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