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Electrosex Clamps

These brilliant little toys make trying different electrosex contact points so easy. What's more they're gentle, but firm, making it easy to clip them on to sensitive spots without unnecessary pinching. This makes them great to find the perfect contact point on either male or female genitals. For more fun, one of the clamps to can be removed and replaced with a sticky pad or other Zeus Electrosex accessory.

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Tom of Fin. Barrel Nipple Clamps

This heavy duty set of barrel style nipple clamps are adjustable with removable 4 ounce weights. The body of the clamp twists to increase or lessen the pressure. Made of heavy duty metal and tipped with rubber for grip and comfort.

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New (02/02/2018)


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Sex and Mischief Nipple Clips

2 fully adjustable multi-use basic clamps for him or her. Soft pads for added comfort and can be removed. Tension adjustments make them perfect for nipple stimulation as well as many other sensitive areas.

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Sex and Mischief Tug on My Heart Nipple Clips

Great for hands free erotic stimulation. Perfect for the beginner. Rings slide down the shaft of the tweezer-like clip for as snug as you like sensations, while the chain drapes across your abdomen. Soft pads at end for added comfort. Includes: 1 pair of Tug On My Heart Nipple Clips with 13" connecting metal chain.

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New (02/02/2018)


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Sex and Mischief Ruby Black Nipple Clips

New to nipple play? These Nipple Clamps are perfect for the beginner. Rings slide down the shaft of the tweezer-like clip for as snug as you like sensations. Soft pads at end for added comfort and decorative red and black jewels add decoration.

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Sex and Mischief Nipple Suckers Nipple Clips

Nipple Suckers are squeezable with flanged base for extra suction. Bulb is designed to provide increased sensitivity and blood flow.

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Sex and Mischief Silver Spears Nipple Clips

2 fully adjustable multi-use nipple clamps. Soft pads for added comfort can be removed for a pinch. Tension adjustments make them perfect for nipple stimulation and many other sensitive areas. Beautiful silver speared and black jewels hang for a delicate look.

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Collar With Nipple Clamps

Gorgeous vegan leather collar with attached nipple clamps provides constant stimulation. Soft double-layered hand-stitched PVC collar adjusts with quality roller buckle closure. The two coated nipple clamps have tension adjustments and are attached to the collar with 10.5-inch chains. Perfect for nipple stimulation and many other sensitive areas. Nickel-free

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Sex and Mischief Chained Nipple Clamps

One pair of coated nipple clamps with tension adjustments are attached by a nickel-free 13-inch chain. They are perfect for nipple stimulation and many other sensitive areas.

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Sex and Mischeif Feathered Nipple Clamps

These Feathered Nipple Clamps feature luxuriously soft feathers that tickle the skin as the sway.

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Endurance Plastic Grabber Clamps - Link Chain

These full-strength nipple clamps will deliver breathtaking pressure. Featuring a sturdy link chain and a powerful grip. These clamps are designed for maximum sensation.

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Adjustable Micro Plier Clamps - Link Chain

Get ready for a new experience with these Micro Pliers, which deliver the sharpe st sensation of the adjustable line. The super-localized grip of the curved tips makes for a truly adventurous experience. Combine that with precision adjustabi lity and a sexy hardware look, and you may have found the perfect nipple toy.

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Bully Nipple Rings

Adjustable nipple clams with large metal o-rings.

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Adjustable Alligator Clamps - Link Chain

Spartacus gator nipple clamps deliver a tantalizing pinch that you'll definitely notice. In the adjustable style, the skinny tips deliver localized pressure as lightly or as tightly as you choose.

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Clamps Adjustable Tipped Curb

Get ready for evenly distributed pleasure. The width of this clamp allows for a delicious distribution of sensation over the entire nipple. Relax and explore t he breadth and depth of nipple sensation. Increase tension with the adjustable p ressure screw. Rubber tip allows for a better grip.

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Adjustable Clit Clamp With Bell

Hear her cumming with this bell clit clamp. Tweezer tip clamps can be set to hav e a gentle or moderate hold depending on where you move the spacer ring.

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Adjustable Clit Clamp With Purple Beads

Adjustable tweezer-style clit clamp with elegant beads.

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Adjustable - Link Chain Narrow Jaw

Our Tapered nipple clamps deliver a tantalizing pinch that you'll definitely not ice. In the adjustable style, the tapered surface will hold the contours of your nipple as lightly or as tightly as you choose.

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Adjustable - Link Chain Tweezer

Excellent for beginners and experienced alike, gorgeous Spartacus Tweezer clamps offer a look that is sensually attractive on both women and men. Tweezer clamps adjust at the touch of a finger for a satisfying range of sensations, from deli cate pinch to moderate pain.

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Endurance Link Chain Butterfly

Endurance nipple clamps with butterfly style silicone tips. The clamps are speci ally designed to become tighter as you pull on the chain. These nipple clamps will have you walking the fine line between pleasure and pain.

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Adjustable Nickel Bells Tweezer

Adjustable tweezer-style nipple clamps with tiny bells and soft rubber tips. The small silver bells ring when they move. Adjust the clamps by sliding the metal metal rings up the tweezers - from merely lovely decoration to pretty strong st imulation.

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Beaded Clamps - Adjustable Broad Tip - Purple

Adjustable broad tip nipple clamps with purple beads and soft rubber tips. Adjus t the clamps by twisting the thumb screw - from merely lovely decoration to pret ty strong stimulation.

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Endurance Jumper Cable Clamps - Link Chain

The skinny tips of these Jumper Cable clamps deliver an intense pinch that you could be just what your engine needs. Rev up and enjoy the delicious tantalizing sensation.

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Entice Tiered Intimate Clamps

2 multi-use designer clamps with high quality tiered chain for added sensuality. fully adjustable. Soft comfortable pads. Non-tarnishing pads. Non-tarnishing nickel-free.

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Image for SE2720103
Entice - Feather Nipplettes

Designer feather nipplettes with soft comfortable pads. Includes 2 fully adjustable multi-use clamps. Tickling feathers. Non-tarnishing Nickel-Free.

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Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps

Totally adjustable, comfortable, non-tarnishing, rubber-coated nipple clamps

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Purple Chain Nipple Clamps

Totally adjustable, comfortable, non-tarnishing, rubber-coated nipple clamps

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Weighted Nipple Clamps

Fully adjustable non-tarnishing weighted jewelry. Weighted for added pleasure.

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Nipple Play Bull Nose Nipple Clamps

Nipple Jewelry Adjustable tension Non-tarnishing nipple jewelry

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First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

First Time Fetish .. A high quality collection of Playful Fetish Gear Designed for First Time or Experienced Users.. Fully adjustable nipple clamps. Soft and comfortable pads.

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Nipple Clamp -Y-Style - Alligator With C-Ring - Chrome

Two in one.. Y-style clamp set is paired with a cock ring. The clamps are adjustable and the cock ring chain detaches from the nipple clamp chain so you can choose how much to take. The clamps provide a pleasurable pinch while the 2 inch cock ring ensures that he is up for anything.

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Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Nipple and Clit Jewelry

Make your nipples and clit perk with pleasure with this beginners-friendly Nipple and Clit Jewelry. Simply wrap the comfortable nylon braid around each nipple -- the amount of pressure you apply to the nipples is adjustable using the sliding knot. With each movement of the lightweight chain the soft braids gently perk and massage your most sensitive spots. Enjoy explosive stimulation with the sensual clit jewelry. Spread the metal clamp to place your clit through the teardrop to offer easy access to your most precious pleasure spot while the dangling beads tickle and tease your lips to climax.

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