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Swiss Navy Silicone 10ml 100ct Fishbowl

As the population ages, there is a great need to have products available that can relieve the symptoms of aging and contribute to greater personal intimacy. Silicone personal lubricant is a perfect product that can do this.

Many postmenopausal women may benefit more from Swiss Navy Silicone since it is not absorbed and can help with dry, sensitive tissues.

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Swiss Navy Assorted Fishbowl 10ml 100ct

Swiss Navy Flavors taste so real they seem too good to be lubes. They used a Fortune 500 food company to formulate our flavors to ensure Swiss Navy Flavors would taste genuinely like their name. All the flavors are paraben-free, sugar-free and are non-sticky.
There are 5 fantastic fresh-picked flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Pina Colada, Passion Fruit, Very Wild Cherry, and Chocolate Bliss.

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Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Anal Lubricant -100 Count Bowl - 10ml Bottles

Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant is a long lasting silicone based formula that is silky smooth and contains Clove leaf oil and the highest quality ingredients. The addition of Clove supports more comfortable anal play.

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Ringo Ritz - 18 Count P.O.P. Box - Assorted

Add a touch of luxury to your next intimate encounter with the liquid silicone RingO Ritz by Screaming O.

An innovative breakthrough in cockrings, the RingO Ritz takes the bestselling original RingO and kicks it up a notch by crafting it from ultra-soft, mega-stretchy liquid silicone, allowing a firm yet comfortable grip with a soft, supple feel.

Phthalate and latex free, body-safe silicone is a premium material prized for its safety, strength, and unique silky texture, making it an ideal choice for amorous pursuits.

Features & Benefits:
• Made of premium liquid silicone
• Ultra-soft texture
• Mega-stretchy fit
• Ring Measurements: 36 x 36 x 8 mm
• Phthalate and latex free
• Body-safe and comfortable to wear

18 count P.O.P. box display, with black, blue, and red RingO Ritz

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The Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring - 12 Count Box

The Ling O was designed to add a tingly twist to oral sex with comfortable safe and effective design. Worn at the base of the tongue with the bullet at the top your mouth becomes human vibrator and with little no movement necessary you can bring your partner to orgasm in minutes and with a powerful motor that lasts more than 40 minutes the LingO easily stimulates all pleasure zones creating the ultimate teasing foreplay experience before getting down to business.

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Sweet Treats Display - 16 Count

This display holds 16 of Little Genie's unique, fun candy massagers. Each style has a slim 5" slimline massager in a novelty case.

Display contains two of each style:
Better than Any Finger
Quicky Lay
The Original Crotch Massager
Now & Again
Stick it in Hers
The Wonder Vibe
One Big Bone

Vibes require one AA battery, not included.

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Love Lickers 24 Count Assorted Display

Rub it on, lick it off, and heat up your nights. Non-sticky and non-staining. 6 flavors of cocktail inspired lickable warming massage oils. 4 of each: Fuzzy Navel, Sex on the Beach, Screaming Orgasm, Virgin Strawberry, Malibu Screw, and Panty Dropper.

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Naturals Massage Oil Pre Pack

Includes 15 selable units of Natural Massage Oil 2 fl oz / 59ml. 3 units of each of the five scents. Packaged in a tear and fold box that doubles as a display. Includes multi-lingual information.
3 units of Natural Massage Oil Strawberry Dreams 2 fl oz / 59ml
3 units of Natural Massage Oil Island Passion Berry 2 fl oz / 59ml
3 units of Natural Massage Oil Tropical Passion Berry 2 fl oz / 59ml
3 units of Natural Massage Oil Coconut Pineapple 2 fl oz / 59ml
3 units of Natural Massage Oil Vanilla Sandalwood 2 fl oz / 59ml

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Aromatic Massage Oil Pre- Pack Display - 15 Pieces

Aromatic Massage Oil Pre-Pack is a 15 piece counter display. Includes 3 each of the following:

•Aromatic Massage Oil - Soaring Spirit 2.0 fl. oz (59 mL)
•Aromatic Massage Oil -Sweet Almond 2.0 fl. oz (59 mL)
•Aromatic Massage Oil -Serenity 2.0 fl. oz (59 mL)
•Aromatic Massage Oil -Pleasure Garden 2.0 fl. oz (59 mL)
•Aromatic Massage Oil -Harmony Blend 2.0 fl. oz (59 mL)

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Oil of Love Pre- Pack Display - 6 Flavors

Kama Sutra's Oil of Love is a kissable, water-based foreplay oil that gently warms on the skin. Apply Oil of Love to the erogenous zones of the body, lightly blow on the area to to activate the gentle warming sensation, and follow with kisses, enjoying the sweet flavor.

This 12 piece display of 0.75 Fl. Oz. (22 mL) bottles includes 2 of each of these 6 flavors:

The Original
Coconut Pineapple
Raspberry Kiss
Strawberry Dreams
Tropical Mango
Vanilla Creme

Display also includes a tester bottle with dropper for each flavor.

Oil of Love is not a massage oil or lubricant.

Drop it onto erogenous zones. Blow it. Kiss it. Now play.

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Weekender Kit 12 - Unit Prepack Display

Weekender Kit Pre-Pack
12 units
2-sided display

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Neon Penis Shooters - 12 Piece Display

Want a shot? Suck it down...

Each shooter holds approximately 3.5 oz. (103 mL.) and comes packaged in a variety colored 12 pack with two of each color.

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Rainbow Dick Suckers - 72 Pack

Suck the rainbow with this count of 72 20g dick-shaped suckers in a fishbowl. Flavors include: strawberry, orange, banana, lime, blue raspberry, and grape.

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Sexplosion! Bath Bombs - 6 Piece Display

Each SEXplosion! Bath Bomb dissolves to release 3 sexually suggestive, waterproof cards and are hot tub safe! 6 Bombs per pack, 3 pcs of each of the 2 scents. Includes: 3 Cherry Blossom Bath Bombs & Sensual Lavender Bath Bombs Each bomb contains 3 sexually suggestive cards.

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Pave Tester Display - Minimum Purchase Required

Brick and Mortar Stores Only

Tester must be added to order separately.

While supplies last.

Contact your account manager for details

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Jackits Mansturbation Sleeve - 12 Count Pop Box Display - Clear

Enhance your hand and make self-love more fun with Jackits, revolutionary reusable male masturbation sleeves designed for an easy-to-use, convenient and discreet experience. These compact and portable sex toys for men look small but stretch wide and long to fit almost any size and are equipped with a nubby interior texture to intensify the sensation.

To enjoy, apply your favorite water-based or silicone-based lubricant to the inside of your Jackits and squish the stroker around in your hands to distribute evenly. (Jackits are not compatible with oil-based lubricant.) Then insert your penis and experiment with speed, grip and depth to find your favorite ways to jack it with your Jackit. These clever strokers are made of body-safe and ultra-durable SEBS for epic softness and a cushy feel that feels incredible against sensitive skin – whether for a quick tug, a stronger stroke session, or a handjob upgrade, Jackits amplifies ordinary masturbation for an extraordinary manual experience.

12 Count Pop Box Counter display.

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ID Frutopia Natural Assorted Flavors 3.4 Oz. - 12 Piece Box

ID Frutopia contains 100 percent natural fruit flavor. Sweetened naturally its sugar-free water-based vegan and latex friendly. 12 piece box includes 2 lubes of each flavor.

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ID Glide - 72 Piece Bowl - 12ml Tubes

This flavored lubricant contains no sugar or dyes and its non-staining formula is water-based and latex compatible. Display of 12 gram tubes 72 pcs.

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Orgasmix - 144 Piece Pillow Display

Orgasmix Enhancement Gel is the number 1 original Clitoral Stimulating Gel. Stick with the best dont be fooled by the rest.

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Orgasmix - 24 Piece Display - 1 Oz. Tubes

Orgasm enhancement gel.
Can increase clitoral sensitivity and sexual desire.

Display includes 24 1 oz. (29 mL.) tubes.

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Liquid Virgin Contracting Lubricant 2cc Pillow Packs 144 Piece Bowl

Make everytime feel like the first time!

Create a tight, wet sensation either through vaginal or anal use with this specialtightening lube! Liquid Virgin is great for anyone wanting an extra tight sensation during sex.

Liquid Virgin is water-soluble, non-sticky, moisturizing, and has a strawberry scent.

144 piece counter display with 2cc pillows.

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Liquid Virgin Contracting Lubricant 24 Pc Display

Make everytime feel like the first time!

Create a tight, wet sensation either through vaginal or anal use with this specialtightening lube! Liquid Virgin is great for anyone wanting an extra tight sensation during sex.

Liquid Virgin is water-soluble, non-sticky, moisturizing, and has a strawberry scent.

Display includes 24 tubes.

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Sweet Ass Gummy - 12 Piece P.O.P. Display

"Sweet Ass" takes on a whole new meaning when you bite into one of these great tasting sweet ass erotic gummies

Great Party Flavor!
Great Tasting Flavors!
Great Ice Breaker!
Sexy Ass Shape Gummies!
Strawberry Flavored

12pc Display, 60g bags

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Gummy Sutra - 12 Piece P.O.P. Display

Gummy Sutra gummy candies. Let your lover really know what's on your mind when you hand them one of these great tasting sexy position shaped erotic gummies!

12 Piece counter display, 96g bags.

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Cum Cock Pops - Dark  Chocolate - 6 Piece P.O.P. Display

6 Piece display of Pecker Shaped Chocolate Lollipop covered in cum.

Dark Chocolate flavored.

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Cum Cock Pops - Milk Chocolate - 6 Piece P.O.P. Display

6 Piece display of Pecker Shaped Chocolate Lollipop covered in cum.

Milk Chocolate flavored.

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Candy Condom Pops - 24 Piece Display - Assorted Flavors

Condom Shaped Fruit Flavored Candy - 24 Piece Counter Display.

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Pussy Patch Sours - 12 Piece Display

Taste the power of the pussy sour!

These sweet 'n' sour pussy shaped candies are soft and chewy.

Display includes 12 bags with assorted flavors.

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X-Rated Candy With Assorted Sayings - 24 Piece Display

Display includes 24 count boxes of X-Rated Candies.

Sayings Include: Let's Fuck, Blow Me, Fuck Off, Big Dick, Ass Hole, Eat Pussy, Doggy Style, and Nice Tits

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Little Secret Power Bullet - 12 Piece Display

The Little Secret Power Bullet is the perfect little play vibe to tease & please your every desire!

The powerful multi-speed function let's you set your custom desired power level to just the right speed to satisfy your needs and bring you intense multiple orgasms at the touch of a button! Intimate play is both powerful and ultra desires.

Made from ABS material with Soft Touch PU Coating. Each bullet includes 3 LR44 batteries. Display includes bullets in yellow, purple, blue, and magenta.

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New (12/30/2019)
Image for HTP2991D
Valentine Hearts X-Rated Candy - 24 Count Display

X-Rated Valentine Heart Candies with saying including:
• Lick Me
• Let's Fuck
• Blow Me
• Nice Tits
• Eat Pussy
• Asshole
• Doggy Style
• Sexy Ass

Display included 24 boxes

• Multi-Flavored Valentine Heart X-rated Candy
• Great Taste

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Edible Pecker Bouquet 72 Pieces Pail Display 12 Bundles

Do up your party right way with the Edible Pecker Rose Bouquet. Six delectable flavors of Edible Pecker Candy Fun. Great tasting erotic treats are as much fun to play with as they are to eat. 12 six piece bouquets per display.

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