Image for ID-GLT-J0
ID Glide - 72 Piece Bowl - 12ml Tubes

This flavored lubricant contains no sugar or dyes and its non-staining formula is water-based and latex compatible. Display of 12 gram tubes 72 pcs.

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ID Glide - 144 Piece Bowl - 10ml Pillows

Enhance intimate experiences. Water base lubricant.

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Image for ID-CSF-J0
ID Condoms - Superior Feel - 144 Piece Jar

Introducing ID Superior Feel Lubricated Condoms. Stronger yet sensitive designed to enhance your intimate experience while keeping you safe. This exciting vibrant foil with a natural clear latex condom is made with the same focus on quality you have come to expect from the markers of ID personal lubricants.

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ID Backslide Silicone Lubricant - 144 Count Jar - 6ml Pillows

BackSlide is on of IDs most creative formula because it was made with a specific use in mind. ID BackSlides special silicone-based formula includes clove extract and spilanthes extract which provides a natural muscle relaxing effect. BackSlide appeals to all genders and the thick cushiony texture and feel are unlike any other anal lubricant on the market.

FISHBOWL 6 ML Pillows (144 count)

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X-Rated Fun Gum - 90 Piece Bowl - Assorted

Fun & X-Rated takes on a whole new meaning when you slip one of these sexy tasty treats into someone's unsuspecting hands! You really will get some laughs... and who knows, maybe some action, too! What's your favorite position?

The X-Rated Fun Gum Display includes 90 pieces of gum with erotic text. Sayings include:
Fuck Off
You Suck
Blow Me
Hard Nipples
Let's Fuck
Eat Me
Got Dick?
Got Pussy?
No Panties
Nice Tits
Nice Ass
Wet Lips
Doggy Style
Spank Me
Big Dick
Do Me

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Orgasmix - 144 Piece Pillow Display

Orgasmix Enhancement Gel is the number 1 original Clitoral Stimulating Gel. Stick with the best dont be fooled by the rest.

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Orgasmix - 24 Piece Display - 1 Oz. Tubes

Orgasm enhancement gel.
Can increase clitoral sensitivity and sexual desire.

Display includes 24 1 oz. (29 mL.) tubes.

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Liquid Virgin Contracting Lubricant 2cc Pillow Packs 144 Piece Bowl

Make everytime feel like the first time!

Create a tight, wet sensation either through vaginal or anal use with this specialtightening lube! Liquid Virgin is great for anyone wanting an extra tight sensation during sex.

Liquid Virgin is water-soluble, non-sticky, moisturizing, and has a strawberry scent.

144 piece counter display with 2cc pillows.

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Liquid Virgin Contracting Lubricant 24 Pc Display

Make everytime feel like the first time!

Create a tight, wet sensation either through vaginal or anal use with this specialtightening lube! Liquid Virgin is great for anyone wanting an extra tight sensation during sex.

Liquid Virgin is water-soluble, non-sticky, moisturizing, and has a strawberry scent.

Display includes 24 tubes.

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Gummy Sutra - 12 Piece P.O.P. Display

Gummy Sutra gummy candies. Let your lover really know what's on your mind when you hand them one of these great tasting sexy position shaped erotic gummies!

12 Piece counter display, 96g bags.

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Cum Cock Pops - Dark  Chocolate - 6 Piece P.O.P. Display

6 Piece display of Pecker Shaped Chocolate Lollipop covered in cum.

Dark Chocolate flavored.

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Cum Cock Pops - Milk Chocolate - 6 Piece P.O.P. Display

6 Piece display of Pecker Shaped Chocolate Lollipop covered in cum.

Milk Chocolate flavored.

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Pussy Patch Sours - 12 Piece Display

Taste the power of the pussy sour!

These sweet 'n' sour pussy shaped candies are soft and chewy.

Display includes 12 bags with assorted flavors.

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X-Rated Candy With Assorted Sayings - 24 Piece Display

Display includes 24 count boxes of X-Rated Candies.

Sayings Include: Let's Fuck, Blow Me, Fuck Off, Big Dick, Ass Hole, Eat Pussy, Doggy Style, and Nice Tits

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Edible Pecker Bouquet 72 Pieces Pail Display 12 Bundles

Do up your party right way with the Edible Pecker Rose Bouquet. Six delectable flavors of Edible Pecker Candy Fun. Great tasting erotic treats are as much fun to play with as they are to eat. 12 six piece bouquets per display.

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Gummy Finger Ring Dongs 12 Count Display

Fun to wear Fun to share Fun to suck on anywhere.

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Wild Things Animal Rings - 24 Piece Display - Assorted

Now you can get down wild with Wild Thing Animal Love Rings.

Made out of super soft silicone, these multi-speed vibrating pleasure rings will take both you and your partner into animal overdrive when you slip one of these Wild Things on. The easy-to-use push button 3-speed function lets you take things from mild to wild.

Three Exotic Print Patterns:
Tiger Tease
Zebra Fever
Lusy Leopard

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Bachelorette Light Up Party Diamond Ring - 24 Piece Display

Bachelorette Party Light Up Diamond Ring makes any Bachelorette Party more fun. Shine a light on your party night with the Bachelorette Light Up Diamond Ring. Super bright white light make you the shinning star on your special party night out.

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Horny Honey Stimulating Arousal Gel - 144 Piece Display - 2 Cc. Pillow Packs

Specially patented formula is designed to stimulate both men and women by concentrating blood flow to the gential area. This silky smooth tantalizing cream will arouse your partner to new heights that will have them begging for more!

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Image for HTP2671D
Dickalicious - 144 Piece Fishbowl

Dickalicious Penis Arousal Gel is sure to ignite a fire in your lover's libido!

This amazing gel is preferred by customers the world over for its tingling sensation and succulent flavor! Spread it on, lick it off, and watch your lover grow wild with excitement!

Fishbowl includes 144 pillow packs in Banana, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Pina Colada Dickalicious flavors.

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Oralicious - 144 Piece Fishbowl - Assorted Flavors

Oralicious oral sex cream brings a whole new level of excitement when it comes to Intimate Play. This amazing cream not only numbs and tickles the throat but also has smooth cooling rich taste and aroma which provides both partners a euphoric experience that will leave you both hungry for more. Massage it in lick it off and feel your. Ergoneous Zones come alive.

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Body Glow Massage Cream 50 Pieces Display - Kiwi Strawberry

Light up the night and your inner passionate flame with Body Glow Intimate massage cream. With its soft and supple formula and delight Kiwi Strawberry scent Body Glow massage cream not only feels rejuvenating to the skin but will also give you a healthy Neon Glow that makes intimate playtime more fun.

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Liquor Lube Assorted Flavors 50 Pcs Display

Now you can get your sexual "buzz" on with Liquor Lube - a specially formulated, premium quality, water-based personal lubricant that comes in seven delicious cocktail flavors. "All liquored up" takes on a whole new meaning when you and your partner are ready for delectable edible action!

• 50pcs Assorted Cocktal Flavors
• Convenient Personal Sized Tube Pillows
• Great Taste
• Flavors*: Bailey's Cream, Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Appletini, Bahama Mama, Mai Tai, and Amaretto Sour

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Carbomer, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine, Diazolidinyl Carbamide, Red 40 (CI#16035)

*Quantities of each flavors vary. Not all flavors are guaranteed.

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Rainbow Cock Ring Pop - 12 Piece Display

Multi-flavored, multi-colored penis lollipop rings.

12 piece counter display.

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Candy Condoms - 50 Pieces Display

Now you can enjoy the fun of a condom in a whole new way with great tasting candy condoms. Your friends or party guests will be taken by surprise when you hand them one of these fun little treats that are fun to eat.

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Lollipipes Edible Candy Pipe Assorted Flavors Display 12 Pieces

Reusable candy pipes can be used again and again. Will not melt from flame. Available in four tasty flavors strawberry watermelon green apple and cherry.

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Pecker Patch Sour Gummies - 12 Piece Display

Get your taste for some sweet and sour fun. Fashioned in the shape of a cute little pecker. Pecker patch sours are sure to be a hit when ever and where ever you open up a bag and place into the mouth of your unsuspecting friend.

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Jumbo Rainbow Cock Pops 6 Piece Display


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Ecstasy Bullet Vibes Assorted Colors 36 Pcs Per Display

Ecstasy Bullet Vibes are the perfect way to get your Sexual Buzz on. Vibrate your pleasure zone into Erotic Overdrive with these Super Powerful Mini Vibes

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Tongue Dinger - 12 Piece Display - Purple/ Pink

This stretchy vibrating tongue ring fits around the tongue. 12 pc display.

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Display Rainbow Cock-Pop 12 Pieces

Multi-colored and multi-flavored penis shaped lollipops. 12 pieces.

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