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Wet Warming Fun Flavors - Chocolate Cookie - 4 in 1 Lubricant 4 Oz -Tester - Minimum Purchase Required

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Ignite your passion with the WARMING DELIGHTS: Chocolate Cookie wet personal lubricant. This glycerin-based formula creates a warming sensation on the skin, enhancing your intimate moments with delightful warmth. Explore new levels of pleasure during vaginal sex, digital stimulation, toy play, and safe for oral exploration. Elevate your experiences with the sensual warmth of WARMING DELIGHTS Chocolate Cookie.

Picture it, a Chocolate Chip Cookie still warm from the oven, melting in your mouth, that sound you make as it hits just right? Now you can bring that feeling into the bedroom with no crumbs to worry about! Wet Warming Chocolate Chip Cookie allows for the decadence of a cookie binge, with none of the calories. This tasty treat adds a warming sensation that increases with motion or gentle blowing, taking you on a sensory journey of taste, touch, and smell. You'll never look at a plate of cookies fresh out of the oven the same way!

• Chocolate Cookie
• Flavored, delicious tastes for sensory play
• Warming sensation on the skin
• Toy safe and latex compatible
• Clear non-staining
• Sugar free
• Made in USA
• Washes away easily with warm water
• Ideal for: oral, intercourse, massage, solo play

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  • Weight:0.35 pounds (5.6 Ounces)
  • Date Released:04/01/2024
  • Country of Origin:US
How to Use:

Apply a small amount to the area of the body you wish to lubricate. Reapply as desired.


Use as needed to supplement your natural moisture and enhance intimacy.

How to Clean:

Easily washes away with warm water.

Special Features:

Latex compatible.