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Mermaid Magnifique Turquoise Cosmetic Glitter Glitz Grenade Keychain in Aloe Gel

  • Item Number
  • NN-GG-MM-01A
Manufacturer: Neva Nude
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Product UPC: 689855878677

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Her scales are the shiniest, her fins are the fastest, her shells are the fullest, and her spirit is the greatest in all of the oceans and seas. Become an aquatic vision in this sea-green Mermaid Magnifique body, face, and hair glitter.

  • Weight:0.15 pounds (2.4 Ounces)
  • Dimensions
    (Length, Width, Circumference):
    3 x 2 x 0 in
  • Date Released:06/07/2019
  • Color:Blue
  • Country of Origin:US
How to Clean:

Wash off with warm water and skin friendly soap.

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