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Acts of Insanity

The crazy party game for crazy people! The raunchy party game where you act out adult scenarios for your team to guess. The opposing team reviews 5 of each game card type and assigns you a Character Card, Action Card, and Location or Object Card. You then have two minutes to act it out for your team. Game Includes: 108 Character Cards, 108 Action Cards, 108 Location or Object Cards, a 2-Minute Timer, and Game Instructions. For 4-12 players.

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Adult Charades

Adult Charades is an adults-only version of the classic party game. Players take turns acting out things like “Horny Devil”, “Mr. Woodcock” and “The Little Man in the Boat” and try to get their teammates to guess as many answers as possible each turn within a minute. The winning team is the team with the most correct answers after each player has performed three times.

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Pecker Party Bat

Take your next wild party event to the EXTREME with the “PECKER PARTY BAT". This cute pecker shaped bat will have your party guests “Hootin & Howlin”. 26" bat.

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Pecker Pins Bowling Game

It takes a lot of balls to get a strike. Place the Bowling ball in the Ball Shooter. Aim pull back and shoot. Try to get a strike every time.

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Girl's Night Out Cards

Grab a few friends and a few drinks and see which one of your friends turns out to be the most daring. Game contains over 50 outrageous dares that will have you dropping your inhibitions.

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Suck, Squirt, & Swallow Willie Drinking Game - 4 Pack

Hilarious wet fun. Outrageous. For any party. Players race to squirt drinks in their partners mouth. Play in teams or individually. Either way its fun. Afterwards take to the bars with you for a fun way to drink your beverages and meet new friends. Before you know it everyone will want to suck Willie. Can be used for drinks gelatin shots or pudding.

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Suck, Squirt, & Swallow Willie Drinking Game - 15 Pack

Willie Squirter is outrageous! Hilarious wet fun! Squirts any liquid you like! Fun for every party! Players race to squirt drinks in their partner's mouth! Play in teams or individually! It's fun either way! Afterwards take to the bars with you! Can be used for drinks, gelatin shots, or pudding! Game instructions included.

15 Willie Squirters included.

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Inflata - Willie Ring Toss Game

Inflata-Willie Ring Toss game is a team effort. One partner tosses the ring the other guides Willie into the ring. Includes a 24-inch inflatable Willie and 3 9.5-inch rings. Hilarious for Bachelorette Parties Birthdays and Over the Hill Parties Girls Night Out College Parties and pretty much any get together at all.

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Willie Squirter

Willie Squirter is outrageous! Hilarious wet fun! Squirts any liquid you like! Fun for every party! Fill with your favorite beverage and squirt into everyone's mouths! If they get wet, so what?

Individual Willie Squirter.

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Bachelorette's Last Night Out! Willy Whack It Pinata

All the girls can decorate this 16 in. long Willie. Add fake fur, a hat, or even a costume to look like the groom.

Fill him up with condoms, blow pops, dares for the girls to complete, then whack the living daylight out of him!

The Willy Whack-it Pinata makes a great party decoration, too.

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Bachelorette's Last Night Out! Napkin Trivia Game - 25 Pack

Each girl in the party has to fill out a semi-risque questionnaire about the bachelorette and her husband to be. The questions are printed inside the napkin.

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Hen Night Scratch Dare Cards - 6 Pack

Have some fun with these Girls night out scratch a dare game card. Scratch off one kiss from each row and do as written.

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Stick a Dick - Stud Edition

Stick-a-Dick is a parody of the reowned pin the tail of the donkey - only this the object is a little more intimate than a tail. Unfold your man poster pin him up on a door then pick your dick to stick. Choose from one of twelve hilariously named appendages turn around three times wearing your will willy eye mask take aim and fire.

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Stick a Dick - Hunk Edition

Pin the Tail on the Male... 12 cute willies from which to pick close your eyes then Stick a Dick. Unfold the almost life-size naked man choose your weapon from the 12 reusable sticky dicks don your mask then spin around three times and place your sticker where you think it should go. The results are hilarious. And if you are closest to the target you will be a cock-a-hoop with a clever dick sticker to prove it.

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Stick a Dick - Geek Edition

Pin the Tail.. on the Male. Stick-A-Dick is the grown up version of the old party favorite Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Unfold the almost life-size naked man choose your weapon from the reusable sticky dicks don your mask then spin around 3 times and place your sticker where you think it should go. The results are hilarious. And if you are closest to the target you will be cock-a-hoop with clever dick sticker to prove it.

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Girlie Nights Double Dare Dice

A fun and naughty dice game that spices up any night with the girls. Roll the dice and see who does what to whom.. Challenge your friends to accept forfeits the dice hand out watch in amazement as your friends have to tweak a strangers nipple chat up the barman or dance with the geekiest guy. Hours of naughty fun for naughty girls.

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Truth or Dare Party Coasters - 8 Count

Have you ever looked at the coaster underneath your drink and thought .. Hey why is this coaster not providing me with any sort of entertainment? We have the solution. Besides warding off water rings and fancying up any drink that you place on them, this cleverly shaped drink coasters feature the ever popular and very funny Truth or Dare party game. These brilliant coasters have a total of 32 different activities to perform at the bar while sipping wine with friends.

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How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette?

The hilarious party trivia game that will have everyone laughing out loud as they test their knowledge about the bride. The perfect game for both bachelorette parties and bridal showers!! For 2 to 12 (or more) players. If you have more than 12 people in the party, you may divide your friends into teams of 2 or 3 people and have each team use one scorecard.

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Bachelorette Party Favors Get Hooked

Hey ladies its time to Get Hooked.. On the totally outrageous bachelorette drinking game thats sure to be a catch with the ladies. Includes 8 naughty pecker commands.

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Bachelorette Party Favors Party Dice

Make the girls last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette party favors. We design create and innovate the best novelties and party gifts in the world. Our pledge is simple: We guarantee to make em laugh. Its not a party without Pipedream Products

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Bride-to-Be Party Scenes

Bride-To-BE Party Scenes will provide hours of side splitting entertainment. The real prize is that the Bride-To-Be will end up with up to 101 hilarious photos of herself and her closest friends celebrating her last night out as a single woman. Memories are great nut photos are much much better.

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Bride-to-Be Naughty Pursey

Whenever the Bride-to-Be sees a guy who might be willing to have some fun she reaches into her Naughty Pursey and selects a voucher. She signs it and hand it over to the guy and lets him know that he has only a limited time tonight to redeem it. The Bride-to-Be should assign all vouchers and her friends should help recruit guys to participate.

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Bride to Be's We've Never... but We Will

The I HAVE NEVER game that allows the bride-to-be to create the party by selecting actions the group has never done together. Play as a drinking game at a bar or club at a hosts home or while driving around town in a limo.

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Party Around the World

Liven up all of your social gatherings with 30 unique and creative games from around the globe. Includes game rules for localized favorites like La Piramide that is popular in Latin Africa and Freckles from Lithuania. Or try other unique games such as Sorpo from Brazil Hockey from Canada E-Gae Kin Lau from Thailand and much much more.

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Ladies Night Topic Sticks

Ladies Night Topic Sticks offers 100 topics which can be attractively displayed in a decorative vase bowl or paste as centerpiece of conversation starters.

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Bachelorette Party Tablecloth With 4 Sharpie Markers and Trivia Game

Take your party fun to new heights with this unique bachelorette tablecloth. Bachelorette tablecloth is 7 feet wide and 5 feet high. Comes complete with 4 sharpie markers plus trivia games printed on the surface for lots of Bachelorette party fun.

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