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Neo Angle Ballstretcher Squishy Silicone - Black

  • Item Number
  • OX-1152-BLK
Manufacturer: Oxballs
Availability: This item is special order only. Please contact your salesperson.
Product UPC: 840215104410

NEO-STRETCH ballstretchers fit and feel amazing…the same shape as old-style neoprene ball-stretchers, same thickness, but made of our super soft stretchy silicone...wont strangle your sack, wear longer for more stretch, more play... NEO ANGLE is shaped to push your sack forward, can be stacked to bend your sack up and out if you have the balls… Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch

  • Weight:0.1 pounds (1.6 Ounces)
  • Dimensions
    (Length, Width, Circumference):
    2.5 x 0 x 0 in
  • Date Released:02/28/2019
  • Color:Black
  • Country of Origin:US
How to Clean:

Cleaning: detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in bleach-water solution.

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