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Jack-Aide Medium Density 25ml Foil Packs - 144 Piece Fishbowl

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  • ZE-LU-3818-2
Manufacturer: Zero Tolerance
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Jack-aide medium from zero tolerance toys is the perfect masturbation accessory for the man who likes to masturbate with lube as opposed to those thick creams. Never sticky or tacky this lube will make masturbating more heavenly than it already is. With a feeling that is so close to silicone you will never want to stop touching yourself. It is made with a pharmaceutical grade vegetable based glycerin, not animal-based, which may cause infection. Not only is this lube great for masturbating but it rocks for having sex. Now you don’t have to worry about buying products for masturbation and for sex, you have it all in one.

  • Weight:1.4 pounds (22.4 Ounces)
  • Date Released:08/12/2014
  • Display:Counter
  • Display:Fishbowl
  • Country of Origin:US
How to Use:

Apply to hand or gentials areas.


Masturbation lubricant

How to Clean:

Washes off easily with warm water and soap.