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Nip Zip Ice Cube Nip Balm - Chocolate Mint - Tube Carded

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  • SEN-NZVL271
Manufacturer: Sensuva
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Product UPC: 855559003213

Nipz Zip is the most exciting thing to happen to nipples since ice cubes. This all natural balm was designed to be enjoyed on the nipples of both men and women alike. It can be applied to various places on the body when you want to experiment with different sensations. The intensity and length of the sensation lasts depends on the person and how much

  • Weight:0.05 pounds (0.8 Ounces)
  • Date Released:06/30/2014
  • Country of Origin:US
How to Use:

Apply the balm directly to the nipples and within 1-2 minutes you will feel a cool exhilarating sensation that may last anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hours.

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