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Hung Anal Lube 10ml Pillow Packs - 50 Pieces Display

Now you can experience a pleasurable sensation with extra comfort during anal intercourse with Hung desensitizing lubricant. Our strategically enhanced formula with improved viscosity eliminates any discomfort and provides a soothing sensation during anal sex play. Hung lubricant may also be applied to your favorite toy for enhanced comfort during play time. This unscented super strength gel is a must have personal lubricant for couples who seek pleasurable adult experience during anal play.

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Hung Box Wrench - Black

The Hung Box Wrench Anal Butt Plug-Cock rings is a handy little tool to have when it comes to anal play. With its easy access wrench style handle and easy entry smooth tip this little play toy is ready to please when your down on your knees. Simply turn it around and slip the handle on to the penis shaft for yet another exhilarating experience. The power Bullet motor adds an additional Electrifying vibration that will be sure to Rev things up into overdrive.

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Hung Man Tools Anal Beads Clear

When it comes to rough play....make sure you use the right Tool for the Job. Hung man Tool collection Anal Beads with their small to large bead design will be sure to bring your partner into Sexual Bliss as you explore regions of pleasure beyond your wildest fantasies.

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